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  1. I've only gone to 1/8th mile. 9.4 @ 75ish...not certain on MPH. I'll grab the slip next time i get in the truck. Crew cab, 6.2 8 speed. 4X4 completely stock.
  2. I tried to get the 6.2 8 speed tuned when i had 300 miles on the truck. But HP tuners didn't have the software yet to tune my truck. I'm sure they must have cracked it by now.
  3. I replaced a couple when i worked at the dealership. I never took one apart to see what actually separated or created the cool air and vented the heated air. I do know, their are coils that heat up, and as the air passes threw, it sends it to your butt via the messed plastic bag under your seat cover. I have a heating and cooling element in the garage. I'll take it apart to better examine it if i have time.
  4. Didn't read the article. What I'm curious about is can it be hacked without my having a subscription? That way i can hack my stuff and not have to pay for onstar and still be able to lock/unlock and remote start from my phone.
  5. Can't remember where i saw this, but i do remember the numbers clear. 5000 Midnights, and 1500 with the 6.2. I took one of the 1500 lol.
  6. Thank you sir, it gets a bunch of looks from all ages. It surprises me the attention it gets from both genders. The wife gets a little jealous when the ladies act like she's not right next to me. She made the comment "I think I'm going to have to drive it only... because of all the women checking you out" I said, "that's fine as long and you bring them home to me also, i don't care." lmao. She punched me in the arm...it hurt...that's how i know she was mad.
  7. Mehh whatever i see them everyday nothing special lol. [/sarcasm]
  8. There is a recall for "torque converter shudder" on mine. Even though i haven't felt it (1700 miles) "15 6.2 8 speed 4x4...does yours match?
  9. I've noticed that on take off, it decided rather to stay in gear or go back down to 1st gear or 2nd gear if..... when leaving a stop light you take off with a light foot and gradually increase throttle... If you give, lets say 10% throttle and keep it consistent (not throttling up or down when leaving a stop sign/light) it shifts quickly and shifts through gears properly. If you give 10% throttle and as you initially move, you increase throttle to 20%, then increase throttle to 30%...well by the time you get into 30% throttle your putting a load on the engine that can't keep up with the g
  10. There are two tabs you push down opposite of each other on the sides of the power outlet. Push those two in and pull out at the same time. There is a tool for that purpose, but two 90 degree picks will work.
  11. I do plan on modding all those things you mentioned. (as soon as you give me a....(*dr evil voice*) miiillllllliiiiiooooonnnnn dollars. lol.)
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