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  1. Aux Fuse Block

    I like...looks well thought out.
  2. Anyone running cooper tires?

    I’m running 285-65-18 Discoverer AT3’s. About 8k on them now and they still look new. Very happy with them. I don’t do any off-roading, but I pull a travel trailer. Excellent riding tire.
  3. From what I found out about this...the shop icon came out in I believe 2018. If you opt for or get the shop icon, you have to buy the Pandora app. Prior to that, it was standard and free.
  4. Damichar, I’m glad you found your solution. I’m also glad you started this, as I gained more information and was able to solve my issues. I’ve been looking for a solution, but this thread caused me to dig deeper.
  5. My truck is a 2016, with a June build date if I recall. I’ll surely pull my radio and get the build date off it. Maybe help someone down the line.
  6. I’d have to tell the dealer it’s my truck, my $150, just do what I ask.
  7. Hmi only...My truck is a 2016 that should have had CarPlay/AA from the factory, but was produced when gm had a shortage.
  8. Ok..I received my eBay 2.5 hmi from dokus223 yesterday and just finished installing. Works as promised. So far I haven’t found anything I’ve lost, with the exception pausing and rewinding songs, which I never used. Siri hears me and responds, phone calls sound great and I now can use my iOS maps on screen. Happy customer!
  9. Looks like my 2.5 hmi from dokus223 on eBay will arrive tomorrow. It’ll go into my “shortage model 2016”. I’ll report back as soon as I install. This is a great thread!
  10. Exactly..all I car about is the CarPlay capabilities using the iOS maps.
  11. That’s what I’m thinking. The eBay seller stated that the ones that he was selling included cp and aa and he would program my vin to it. Mine should arrive Friday, and of course, I’ll find out and report back when I install it, about 30 minutes after it hits my door!
  12. I purchased a 2016 cc ltz71 8” screen, Bose that was built during the 2 month shortage of hmi’s that did not have CarPlay. Bought it used with 14k miles and was unaware of the shortage until after purchase.
  13. I’ve been following this. Today I pulled the trigger on a 2.5 hmi that I found on eBay for $99+15 for shipping. Ad says they are take offs with CarPlay/Android auto that customers wanted nav. I didn’t care about the built in nav, as I like the iOS map. Sent them my vin as they program it before it ships. So, for the money I don’t see a problem. Will update when I receive and install. They had several in stock to be sold, so if anyone else in interested.
  14. Awesome...I know now what’s on my to do list. Glad it worked out for you!

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