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  1. So is it safe to say the following is true: 2014-need to upgrade radio module 2015-need to upgrade radio firmware 2016-nothing additional needed I included 2016 since there was a shortage of the 2.5 HMI for a bit for that years model
  2. Yes I had the text app before. I never really used it because it only works with Android. If I remember correctly, when my friend hooked up his Android phone it allowed him to type a response when viewing messages but only when in parked. I think when in drive you can only select from predefined responses when replying to a message and have MyLink read out loud messages. When I get a chance I’ll try to get the radio module number
  3. 2014s and early 2015s did not have the texting app. I guess at some point the 2015s came with a newer 2.0 HMI with the texting app. I seen posters on this forum refer to those trucks as 2015.5 which is what I have. I was really hoping I didn’t need to update the firmware on the radio but alas I going to have to
  4. So I just finished installing the HMI and USB connector in my 2015. Just like everyone on here, Siri doesn’t work and calls will transfer to my phone instead of playing over the speakers. Everything else works fine. I called a couple of dealerships about updating the firmware and it’s $135-$145. I can’t believe it’s so expensive just for an update.
  5. The user (Leftovers 101) on the YouTube channel said he ordered the radio module. I ask him to post on here
  6. I’m not sure but I think the 2015.5 also has an updated radio module. I can check when I try to install mine. I know that two of the posters on that YouTube channel got it working. One even didn’t have to update his radio module. So I’m guessing it comes down to what hardware you have in your truck. Most likely you’re going to have to get an updated radio module.
  7. This is based on what I have read but 2015.5 is basically a 2015 with an updated HMI. 2014 and early 2015 models didn’t have the option to send and receive text. I’m sure I’m missing something but that’s the jist of it
  8. @Darmichar I was watching 2 different videos of adding CarPlay to a Silverado and I noticed that in both they also replaced the radio module. I would imagine that would resolved your issues.
  9. Glad it worked it out for you (sort of). I will post an update of my experience once I install it. BTW how hard is it to replace the USB connector. Any tips?
  10. I went ahead and ordered the HMI and USB connector for my 2015.5 It should get here Thursday. I will provide an update after I install it. Hopefully all goes and I don’t need to get the radio updated but if need be I’ll do it.
  11. I think you’ve gotten an error message if the HMI wasn’t programmed to your VIN. I think you’re right on having to have at least a 2015.5 model in order for CarPlay to work. Anything before that, the hardware probably can’t handle the phone projection correctly
  12. I think it will work with the USB connector based on the comments on the YouTube video. It seems that the people having problems are with Android. I’m going to order the HMI and USB connector
  13. I hope it works as I want to add CarPlay to my 15 especially with iOS 12 adding Waze and Google Maps. I seen some listings on eBay that offer the 2.5 module without GPS and USB ports already programmed to your VIN for like $600. If it can be had for cheaper that will be great

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