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  1. Yeah it works in motion. When I’m driving my daughter likes to change stations on Slacker radio. Then she’ll put it back on Google maps for me. I’m in the process of trying to get a radio module so I can send it to @th3magpi3
  2. Same here. Skip, previous, and volume buttons work on CarPlay. Also if I try to hold the talk button to activate Siri it tells me that no bluetooth phone is connected.
  3. @th3magpi3 I hope I can just buy the radio and sent it to you instead of having to also sent in the HMI but if you need both then I’ll put back my 2.0 in the mean time. So just look for any U2M radio and I’ll be set?
  4. Where would I look to see what my radio firmware version is. I would like to compare mine to @Crsortiz1
  5. I noticed on that YouTube video the guy had the shop icon and I didn’t. Makes me wonder if the HMI would’ve been updated that Siri would’ve work after getting my radio updated. It did for the OP of the video.
  6. Sounds good and good luck. I’m hoping that you’re able to just program the radio and it will work instead of having to also reprogram the HMI along with the radio.
  7. I guess the radio module is missing a part(microphone) that allows audio input over the USB connection? Or that the mic is only configured to work with Bluetooth. All of the music apps work fine on CarPlay. Just speculating on my part.
  8. I read that the truck won’t start without the HMI in so I’m guessing I would have to put back my 2.0 HMI while I send the 2.5 and radio to be programmed.
  9. I just noticed that you said $200 to program the radio and HMI. So do I have to get both programmed at the same time or can I just get the radio programmed and it will be cheaper? Obviously I got the HMI already programmed to my VIN
  10. It’s a 2015.5 (had the text function) I was thinking it would work because the OP of the YouTube video posted in an update that he updated his radio and Siri and phone calls worked. I’m will eventually get the radio but for now I’m content with music and navigation working especially with Waze and Google Maps coming next month. Unfortunately yes. Not sure why CarPlay isn’t working with Siri or phone calls since it’s allowing audio to come from the music apps
  11. $135. Was hoping it was going to work. So it’s $200 to program plus whatever the radio cost. Man...going to wait a bit before I try doing all that
  12. Bad news. I got my radio updated and nothing. Only thing I noticed is that MyLink responses a bit faster and CarPlay opens faster. So I guess now my only option is to get a radio module. Just a bit bummed out since I spent a pretty penny updating the radio. Is is it possible to get a radio module already programmed to your VIN from one of the guys?
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