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    2012 Chevy Tahoe,4x4, LT w/ Luxury package. Graystone metallic.
  1. 2016 Camaro Convertible Images and Fun Facts

    Looks great!
  2. Tahoe and Suburban to get new real-time theft alerts

    I wish I could have those options with the OnStar in my '12 Tahoe LT!!!
  3. CLOSE, But No Cigar!

    I prefer the looks of the Canyon, over the Colorado.
  4. Anyone see the new Titan?

    It looks like a Ford in the front. I don't like it either. I too, think it is FUGLY.
  5. 2015 Tahoe, Off-Road

    I have a '12 Tahoe that I LOVE. I really like the looks of the new Tahoes, EXCEPT for that ugly metal that is around the windows. It just looks out place. I like the looks of the Yukon better, but still have the same feeling about the metal that is around the side glass.
  6. Silverado or Sierra...?

  7. Thanks. I was hoping that it was something simple.
  8. Wife needs a new car

    I had an '11 4 Runner Trail Edition. I did test drive it, but it ended up really hurting my neck. I actually hated it. It was too small, and it felt very tinny. Mind you, I had just come from an '06 Toyota Tundra, and was extremely disappointed in the 4Runner. I actually traded it in on the Tahoe that I am currently driving now.
  9. I have a 2012 Tahoe LT, the radio etc. is all stock. I have the steering wheel radio controls. I have an 80 Gig. iPod that has been plugged into one of the USB ports that is in the center console. A bout a week ago or so ago, when playing my iPod, it would play through a song quickly!! it took me a little bit to associate this with the steering wheel controls. If I use the steering wheel controls to turn up the volume on a song, the song would play through extremely quickly! This issue is not just limited to my iPod, it also is affecting my Sirius radio. I got tired of the iPod thing, so I switched over to using my Sirius/XM, well, I went to turn up the volume, and it changed the channel of the station. YES, I am sure I am touching the volume button only. I have done this several times!! This issue is driving me crazy!! Has anyone experienced anything like this?? Does anyone have a solution? THANK YOU for your time!!!
  10. Is anyone struggling financially?

    Yup, me too. It is very challenging.
  11. Power wagon

    The Power Wagon IS the only Dodge I really like.
  12. Everything else feels so small

    I feel like I am on a skateboard, when I ride in someone's car!!
  13. Chevy VS Ford

    That was very interesting. Thanks for sharing that video.
  14. What to buy?????

    Congrats on the new rig!!

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