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  1. Crush. Way easier to pick out of traffic and may save you some injury/money if that other fool has his head up his .................. You know. The other color looks too much like pavement. And, it's boring. Would look good on the new Blazer, though.
  2. LED Tail Lights

    Bad pin contact in the plug.
  3. Oil change intervals

    That's funny. " Very sensitive. It's to the point where I only check my oil at the exact location I changed it, which is a problem because it's three states away (I moved). So now occasionally I just pull into my old driveway on Saturday mornings while the people are enjoying coffee on the porch. They're cool with it though. "
  4. Exhaust Adaptive Valve

    Evidently you missed the point of my reference. I was wondering about a magnadrone/dronemaster monogrammed bar strap and screw clamps for that pro-grade mod, rather than a permanent muffler replacement solution. Although it might cost the same.
  5. Range AFM Disable - Anyone tried it?

    An excellent time to try one: https://sellout.woot.com/offers/range-technology-active-fuel-management?ref=w_all_24 With the 8.+ update, it should work OK with the 2018s.
  6. H2S is still worse. JMO
  7. Mobil 1 Rebate

    $10.88 is not bad for a 5 qt jug at the Wally!
  8. There's always this (at least until the end of October): https://apfco.com/secure/R9798W/
  9. Mobil 1 Rebate

    Absolutely wallmart! And it's on sale for less than $23/5 qt for the advanced fuel econ!
  10. 2019 5.3 Engine Oil capacity

    MOBIL 1 REBATE https://apfco.com/secure/R9798W/
  11. It's that time again to save some $$$$$. https://apfco.com/secure/R9798W/
  12. I'd be more worried about gas trapped in the seats. But that's just me.
  13. Driver Pillar Door Handle

    Any questions about installation and proper fit will be found in this thread: And no, it will not fit the SUVs because there is no bracket installed on their pillar.
  14. I run the Green panel filter in the 'Hoe and replaced the K&N cone filter in my intake set-up with the Green cone filter. Was time to clean it, anyway. When you clean and re-oil these filters, just pack them overnight in a bunch of paper from your shredder and you will be GTG as far as too much oil.
  15. Here's one I use: https://www.amazon.com/Silverado-Suburban-Reusable-Washable-Replacement/dp/B074XKHTZF/ref=sr_1_3?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1536693779&sr=1-3&keywords=green+filter+2006 Test results of similar filters: https://www.camaro5.com/forums/showthread.php?t=244595&highlight=air+filter+flow+rating

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