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  1. You'll see more of this as GM puts more faith in the land of Wuflu. Oh, well; it was fun while it lasted.
  2. Far as I'm concerned, this is the most pertinent video for these times. Eagles-Get Over It-Live-Hell Freezes Over 1994 - YouTube Don't mean to slight the deaf, either. eagles get over it - YouTube
  3. Changed out the positive cable and now she starts better than new. Thanks a ton! Check's in the mail.
  4. With Bowman's win today, all four Hendrick drivers are in the top ten. Hope they stay there.
  5. If you buy one, one of the first numbers you definitely need to program in your phone is this guy: Mobile EV Charging Could Be The Future With SparkCharge (jalopnik.com) You'll probably get a busy signal or go straight to voice mail, though.
  6. It's just interesting to me to watch the growing tension/frustration of the number 1 "so-called" T***t* driver as the season progresses. Congrats to #5Larson for winning only his fourth race with his new team. No practice; just jump in the car and drive. Oh, yeah; Bubba finished 25th.
  7. Twist it counter-clockwise and clamp it if you're dealing with the round-headed flapper valve.
  8. Jes' a little somethin' extra: ''''* As of Q3 of 2020, GM has changed the PF63E to the PF63. You will receive a PF63 oil filter from this listing. GM's description of the changes and email to dealers is provided in the photos of this listing. The PF63E is no longer being shipped by GM. GM's notes on the new PF63 design: - Larger cross section gasket to improve sealing and lock seam geometry robustness - Metal endcaps adhered with hot melt - Leak tested twice, second time with the gasket installed - Automated assembly equipment with err
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