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  1. One'st again. This is the PF48 comparison photo. The PF63 is of similar construction.
  2. Read this: General Motors Releases Infotainment Fix For Various 2021MY Vehicles (gmauthority.com)
  3. The hits just keep on coming! #5!!!!! Maybe some competition is coming soon?
  4. You'll see more of this as GM puts more faith in the land of Wuflu. Oh, well; it was fun while it lasted.
  5. Far as I'm concerned, this is the most pertinent video for these times. Eagles-Get Over It-Live-Hell Freezes Over 1994 - YouTube Don't mean to slight the deaf, either. eagles get over it - YouTube
  6. Changed out the positive cable and now she starts better than new. Thanks a ton! Check's in the mail.
  7. With Bowman's win today, all four Hendrick drivers are in the top ten. Hope they stay there.
  8. If you buy one, one of the first numbers you definitely need to program in your phone is this guy: Mobile EV Charging Could Be The Future With SparkCharge (jalopnik.com) You'll probably get a busy signal or go straight to voice mail, though.
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