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Community Answers

  1. Forum godz please mark this item as SOLD.
  2. This unit will do the same thing a Range device will, PLUS you have the ability to tune the rest of your engiine/transmission and the OBD11 port is clear. Thanks for looking again.
  3. All reasonable offers welcomed. PM, if you please.
  4. For Sale: HyperTech Max Energy 2.0 Power Programmer p/n 2000 s/n1665355. For Ford/GM/Chrysler CAN vehicles. Un-married but ready to wed to your 2016-19 GM Truck or SUV. Includes both cables, installation CD, instructions and a carrying case for secure vehicle storage. Thanks for looking. SOLD SOLD SOLD.
  5. Nuttin' but trouble for GM. GM Hit With $102M Verdict In CA Engine Oil Consumption Trial (gmauthority.com)
  6. Sad; so sad: I Don't Look Good Naked Anymore - YouTube
  7. WAZE will guide you on your way correctly. JMO
  8. So I guess we have to add the "B-word" as another word we can't say at a NASCAR race. Why do I even bother to watch that anymore.
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