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  1. Sorry; they're completely sold out.
  2. FOR SALE: One Range AFM eliminator module. Version V8.0R1. Has worked flawlessly on both the 2013GMC and 2016 Tahoe. $110.00, shipping included from 39342. PayPal only, if you please. USPS Priority shipped with a tracking number provided upon purchase. PM if interested. Thanks for looking.
  3. Another great thing about this mod is that you don't have to worry about a Formosa termite infestation like you do with the "paint stick" mod!
  4. I'm an o-l-d man and I really don't worry about mileage any more. Good, cheap entertainment and a lot cheaper per gallon than bottled water!
  5. For Sale: Get ready for winter: I set of front Weathertech floorliners tan color. $70.00 PayPal, shipped from 39342. PM or reply if interested. Thanks for looking.
  6. You ain't drivin' it like you stole it are you? More right foot = more sprayed gas. But it sho' do sound good!
  7. $15.00 PayPal to cover the mailing fees and this is yours. So it's almost free. PM me if you desire.
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