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  1. Some do, some don't, and some do much better. Price/cost is not the determinant.
  2. You don't buy them; you just rent them for a quick "come 'n go". I've heard it said.
  3. Closest one'll ever get to a work situation is humming down Rodeo Drive. If PG&E is up and running that day.
  4. Ryan, so many Chevys; so little time.
  5. Elon musta got a woody over a Pontiac Aztec years ago. Now if they can come up with a ten mile extension cord...………... AAA ac/dc to the rescue?
  6. BigBlueLB756

    Bye all

    ".....and feed them rice!"
  7. Toy oder owners the world over are rejoicing that their trucks are no longer the ugliest in the world! Test would have been better if the Ford was in neutral. Could have saved a little wear on his tires.
  8. BigBlueLB756

    Bye all

    So sad. I seriously hate you're leaving this forum. Oh, well.
  9. Every OCD-affected person on the forum should be installing a F107N Fumoto valve right now so that swapping out wrong viscosity oil won't be a problem in the future.
  10. I checked with my doctor and he said there was no vaccine yet available for Dickhead disease.
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