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  1. Support your forum: http://store.gm-trucks.com/z71-4x4-bedside-decals-set-of-2/
  2. Looking for back window decal ideas

    Here's the best there is: http://store.gm-trucks.com/gm-trucks-com-decals/
  3. SoundRacer V8 For Your 4-Cylinder SUV

    SOLD SOLD SOLD MODERATORS: Please close thread.
  4. This is one of the better "other" catch cans on the market: http://www.tpsmotorsports.com/corvette-c6-z06-2006-2013/engine/mike-norris-pcv-oil-catch-can.html And a deal on one, if you're interested: https://www.tahoeyukonforum.com/threads/fs-oil-catch-can.108827/ Just tryin' to help.
  5. If I leased, I wouldn't mod. Since it's mine and I'm the maintenance guy, we mod on, Garth.
  6. Get in the habit of good preventive maintenance and you won't have to take it in for warranty concerns.
  7. Aging Sucks ER Trip What Happened?

    If you feel like schidt, at least you're not dead yet.
  8. Oh, that their heads were only stuck up in the sand. Alas! So sad.
  9. Ah, yes. The Realist says, "The glass is too big."
  10. Now let me see; would I rather pay for a prevention or a treatment for a problem? Hmmm; I'll have to go think about this a while. Back to y'all later.
  11. Just think of a cold beer can on a hot Mississippi summer day. Yeah; just think!
  12. Water will be on the bottom. Oil and distillates will be on top. Oil floats on top of water. Condensation forms on the warm surface opposite the cold one, or inside the catch can in winter, due to the warmer PCV vapor.
  13. If I hold my breath long enough, will I pass out? Maybe Santa will bring a bunch of catch cans. Happy to you all.
  14. WTS Fumoto oil valve

    Don't use the extension. It'll work.
  15. Three things a catch can must have: 1. No resistance to the flow of vacuum air through from the valve cover PCV to the intake plenum; 2. A non-clog-able material for the oil to collect on and drop off into the bowl for emptying; 3. A convenient way to drain without disassembly or damage to seals or O-rings. A way to see what has been collected is also nice. I prefer this stuff to replace the bronze filter element. Some have used pot scrubbers but I'm not for any type of metallic thing that could flake off and be sucked into the intake. https://www.lowes.com/pd/Filtrete-Cut-to-Fit-Common-20-in-x-30-in-x-1-in-Actual-20-in-x-30-in-x-0-25-in-Washable-Adjustable-Air-Filter/50124672 Spend your money wisely (unless you're getting it from dear ol' Dad).

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