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  1. All of these 4 wheel ATV\UTV's lack the same thing. A snorkel style air intake up high. Drive a little on dusty roads\trails and then check the air cleaner. Just out of curiosity. Where would you get your hydraulic power from exactly?
  2. What I find very weird is that they call it a "mid-size" truck but it is 1" shorter (I think) in wheelbase than my '97 Ext. cab GMC. So it isn't a "midsize" at all. Just smaller than todays full size. So, anyone liking the size of the old trucks would most likely be right at home in them. I would.
  3. 00silverado4x4 Then I stand corrected. My experience was very different.
  4. Plus, I drove fleetside GMC 1/2 ton 2 wheel drive short boxes for 21 years. Stepsides are fugly to me. Still have my '81
  5. No doubt in my mind! They will only see the mileage. Understandable
  6. rfkski. Well you must live where it is flat. That tranny with that gearing will barely pull itself empty without overheating. Up any hills with a couple thousand pounds of weight will cook it. Been there ...
  7. Couldn't give it to me. Too much of a headache. Why? Seals! Everyone of them have sat basically un-lubricated for 20+ years. Condensation and rust too unless it was in a climate controlled environment. Just ...no!
  8. The 3.73's are a good choice but you shouldn't be in Overdrive when towing ... you should be in Drive. Always. Or the electronic torque converter will always be engaging\disengaging depending on conditions. EDIT: The 4l60E is a crappy transmission. For a truck\suburban. Good for a car.
  9. A/C not working

    If you have checked or replaced all mechanicals (with new parts) and refrigerant. The only thing left IS power.
  10. I haven't decided what I will do until it gets warmer and I can do some measuring. Right now I'd be up to my derrière in snow. Thanks for all your opinions\thoughts
  11. I was given to understand that my computer could just be reprogrammed but you may be right.
  12. What did you drive in High School?

    1977 Oldsmobile 442. Bought new for $6600 in 1978. Nobody liked the color I guess. Listed at $9600
  13. My 1997 K1500's drive train (5.7 and 4l60E) is tired ... and needs fixing ... everywhere lol My cousin has the identical truck but it is a K2500 with the 454 and 4l80E. Except for the drive shaft length and yoke would it not be a straight across swap? It might be easier than to just start repairing everything wrong with mine. Any thoughts? EDIT: His rolled 10 years ago and has way less mileage.

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