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  1. After driving on my annual trip from Toronto to St. Pete's I noticed some odd bugs with the navigation software that should be addressed. 1) I set the warning alerts and key click sounds on but they do not work when listening to any source other than my iPhone. In other words, the warning chimes (e.g when you approach a sharp turn) and when you touch the screen (e.g. when typing in an address) make no sound while listening to XM or standard radio (FM or AM). But I do hear sounds when listening to my iPhone as the source. 2) if you stop for a short period of time (e.g. filling up for gas) the route will usually continue. If you stop for a longer period of time (like 20 - 30 minutes) to eat lunch, the route gets cancelled and you have to reenter your route. This is a pain. I also had some weird things going on after I updated to the latest firmware (OGM1_06192012) during my drive home from Florida (I updated while in Florida) that were not occurring during the drive down. My unit would stop playing music from my iPhone after a few songs. If you went to the iPod screen it looked like the song was playing but there was no sound. I could skip to the next song but it would be all messed up and skipping. The unit would then randomly reboot. This happened a number of times and I had to stop using my iPhone as a source. I also stopped hearing the warning sounds while backing up. I have since reflashed the firmware but haven't been in my Enclave long enough to determine if this has fixed it (the backup warning sounds do work again). Thanks, Chris
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