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  1. My '14 LTZ Z71 Double Cab was declared totaled by insurance on Friday and I'm waiting for them to give me a value. In the meantime I've been weighing my options and a 6.2L is in the mix. Any one that has driven one for two or three year I'd like to hear how things have been.
  2. I'm thinking of running 275/65/18 ST Maxx on stock wheels on my 2014 Silverado at stock ride height. This should work right?
  3. Stabilitrac isn't a problem...I only have a button for TC. Thanks guys.
  4. Thought about this the other day. Should I just turn off the traction control when launch and getting my boat out of the water? I find some nasty dirt and gravel ramps since I duck hunt and losing power when getting out would suck.
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