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  1. Warm weather is right around the corner, so that means time to start getting in gear with making your rides look the best they can! Each Spring sale, we try to introduce a few updates, new formulas, or new products to help make the detailing process easier and more effective - and this year is no different! On the chemical side, we've updated the Wheel Cleaner formula to have a less potent smell while also improving the thickness 25% to cling to the wheel surface even more. We have updated Barrel Brushes, similar to our old Wheel Woolies, but now with improved hand grips, longer length, and bendable brush portion. We've got an all-new All Purpose Cleaner with a heavy duty formula that is much stronger than our old APC formula. No worries, Eco Wheel Cleaner and Eco All Purpose Cleaner aren't going anywhere, as they still have specific purposes too. On the accessories side, we have quite a few new releases too - a new 4hp Air Cannon dryer, the MTM Hydro PF22 Foam Cannon, a Fine Grade Clay Bar Refill, and a few new hose washing options like the Shut Off Valve, Drencher Hose Nozzle, and a new Fire Hose Nozzle. This sale is ending Saturday March 30th at Midnight, and you can use the code SPRING19 to take 15% off of your order total.* CLICK HERE TO SHOP NOW and check out all of the new items!
  2. You may have noticed that over the weekend we did a relaunch of our Premium Ceramic Line to better differentiate the products and make them easier for our customers to understand which products will work best on ceramic coated vehicles. Our team has been hard at work on this launch to offer the best solutions, kits, and different size options at competitive prices. We've added a few new SiO2 Infused products to the line, an update to our previous Coating Prep, now called Surface Prep, and some new accessories to make the ceramic coating process easier as well. We have a whole new CERAMICS tab to the website now under SHOP. From this tab, there are multiple subsections - Prep, Ceramics, SiO2 Infused, Accessories, and Kits - for each specific category. For individual bottles, you can now pick individual bottle sizes that work best for you, ranging from 4oz to 64oz for some of the products from their respective drop-down boxes on their product page. Ceramic Paint, Wheel, and Trim Coating are still sold in 50ml bottles, but with the new labeling for the Premium Ceramic Line. I've been testing the Ceramic Waterless for quite a while now and I've been very impressed with its results! For St. Patrick's Day, we also launched a Mystery Box yesterday that ends tonight at midnight, which you can pick up HERE! This sale ends March 19th at Midnight, and you can use the code MARCH for 15% off.* Please note that Mystery Boxes and Ceramics are not eligible for discount. Free shipping is set to $75 for continental U.S. orders only. CLICK HERE TO SHOP THE PREMIUM CERAMIC LINE NOW!
  3. We're back with a new limited-release Detail Spray bottle design and scent for this upcoming Valentine's Day! This one is going to go fast though, as we have 2,000 bottles up for grabs. It has an orange-vanilla scent, and we're limiting it to 5 bottles per customer. UPDATE: We're down to less than 500 bottles remaining out of the 2,000! Our Valentine's Day Sale starts now, with guaranteed delivery before Valentine's Day on orders placed before 12PM MST this Thursday, February 7th, 2019. We have free shipping for continental U.S. orders over $85, and you can use the code LOVE for 15% off at checkout too! The sale ends this Thursday at midnight, but the cut-off for Valentine's Day delivery is Thursday at Noon. We added a nice new soft-shell Storage Case, a few Perfect Pair products, and the always popular new stickers and air fresheners! Some items that sell out frequently like our Detail Cart and Detail Stools are currently in stock at the moment too. And if you're a collector, don't forget to take a look at our exclusive Barrett-Jackson collaboration products under Shop > New Products > Barrett Jackson Check out the full sale notice below, and CLICK HERE TO SHOP NOW!
  4. It's time for one of my favorite parts of the year, the 4th of July! As many of you already know, we love our country here at Adam's Polishes, and what better way to celebrate our independence than with some fun patriotic products like we've done for the past few years now! Last year we had blueberry Detail Spray, but this year it's Apple scent, plus we have a new limited run Shampoo too! Detail Carts and stools are back in stock, plus there's a super soft new 1500gsm microfiber wash mitt, blue borderless towels, air fresheners, shirts, hats, and more! We have free shipping for the continental USA set at $75 before discount, and you can use the code USA for 15% off store wide! This sale ends July 5th at Midnight. CLICK HERE TO SHOP NOW!
  5. Just to clear some things up here, our new 9H Ceramic Paint Coating is quite durable and should last upwards of 2 years if applied properly. Our chemists have tested to to 170 washes before the coating begins to wear down, so at 1-2 washes a week, figure 2-3 years of protection if washed correctly and then maintained properly with Ceramic Boost about once every 1-2 months. I've had our older 7H Paint Coating on my daily driver for 21 months now, and there are a few spots that have some light swirl marks (coatings are much more durable but can still scratch and swirl) and some spots down low where it's not holding up as well, so I will be polishing it off to re-coat the vehicle. We never claimed for our coating to be a 5 year coating. We're offering for the average detail enthusiast consumer to have a great protection option for a few years at a very affordable do-it-yourself price. With the 50ml bottle in the kit, I'm usually able to coat 2-3 vehicles. Our Paint Sealant will last typically 4-6 months on a daily driven vehicle, provided it is applied properly as well, i.e. to a bare clayed and polished panel. I let it haze up for 5-10 minutes in the shade or in the garage before removal. Applying it over a glaze or wax will affect the life span per application. On my parents SUV that is garaged and only sees 5-10k miles of driving per year, our Paint Sealant was still beading great on the hood and roof after 13 months. The doors and tailgate saw more wear and tear through winter months, so it was not beading quite as well there. And to avoid any confusion, our Americana Paste Wax is priced at $49.99 before discounts. Carnauba waxes obviously are not going to hold up as well on a daily driver when compared to an acrylic sealant like our Paint Sealant, or a Ceramic Coating, due to temperatures, sunlight exposure, and other factors, so I reserve waxes more for my weekend/show vehicle. On my GTO that I only drove a handful of times last year due to work travel and life, I've had a coat of Patriot Wax on half of the car and Americana on the other half on it for over a year in my climate controlled garage and it's still holding up great.
  6. We've got some great new items to kick off our Father's Day Sale for this year! Our shorter-height Detail Seat is back in stock this time with a red and black color scheme. We've also brought back Mystery Buckets while supplies last, hats in 3 different colors, and a few Father's Day themed items to enjoy detailing with the kids, like a new Mini Bucket for washing, youth size "Detail Boy" T-Shirts, and new Detail Boy and Detail Girl stickers! You can use the code DAD15 for 15% off of the order total, and orders placed by June 8th will have guaranteed delivery before Father's Day in the continental 48 states, plus free shipping on orders over $75 for the continental U.S. too! Check out the full sale below, and CLICK HERE TO SHOP NEW PRODUCTS NOW! Let us know if you have any questions, thanks!
  7. Memorial Day is a time of remembrance for all of the service men and women who have died fighting for our country. It holds a special place in my heart and thousands of other individuals around the country and world. As a side story, in my job prior to working for Adam's, I was proud to support the Navy as a defense contractor responsible for sonar and weapons systems. Among dozens of ships, there were two that I seemed to always end up working on more than others. I worked on the USS John S. McCain and USS Fitzgerald out of Japan more times than I can count on two hands over the course of 10 years - making lasting friendships with crew members. These two ships happen to be the two ships that had collisions at-sea last year in two separate incidents while forward deployed. Seven sailors were lost on DDG-63 in June 2017 and ten sailors were lost on DDG-56 just a few short months later in August 2017. I do not recall knowing any of those sailors specifically, but having been considered almost a part of the sonar crew on both ships and sleeping in the same berthing areas that were breached and flooded, these events had me deeply saddened, thinking of what their families and the rest of the crew were going through. Events like this and ones far more devastating are a reality for military families and friends since the beginning of our country, so if you have a few moments to spare over this holiday weekend, take a few minutes to remember our fallen heroes. For this Memorial Day, we have a few military-themed products available for purchase - specifically a new, limited-run Camo T-Shirt and Camo Hat - that we will be donating $15 of every T-Shirt and $10 of every Hat sold to the Navy Seal Foundation. The Navy SEAL Foundation provides immediate and ongoing support and assistance to the Naval Special Warfare community and its families. At Adam's, we thank everyone that will participate in this special donation with us. Very Respectfully, [email protected] For this sale, we have 20% off of individual chemical products and towels, 15% off of everything else like kits and accessories, and free shipping on orders over $100 for the continental United States. This sale ends Monday at Midnight MST. No coupon codes are necessary - discounts are automatically applied, and you cannot stack any other discount codes (all codes have been disabled for this sale). We've also released updates to all 3 of our Ceramic Coating formulas for Paint, Wheel, and Trim, and switched up those kits a little bit too. Ceramic Paste Wax has made its return in a more affordable non-special edition container and kit as well. Lastly, we've partnered with Landa to offer a commercial-duty Electric Pressure Washer drop-shipped to your door. While this certainly isn't a product for everyone due to the price, it is a very robust, professional unit that will provide years of excellent performance. CLICK HERE TO SHOP NEW PRODUCTS NOW
  8. As you may have noticed, we launched a few new interior products on the website late last night! We have Multi-Use Foaming Cleaner - a strong cleaner for tough stains in carpets, Adam's Odor Bomb - to eliminate smells in the interior of a vehicle, Adam's Interior Goo - a sticky cleaner that will pull out dirt, crumbs, and other gunk from tight spots like window switches, cup holders, and air vents, and lastly the new Interior Brush - a super soft synthetic brush that can clean even the most delicate interior surfaces! You can use the code CLEAN15 for 15% off of your order total, plus we have free shipping over $75 for the continental U.S. This sale ends Friday, May 18th at Midnight, but it may get extended into Saturday morning (they usually do). CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE NEW PRODUCTS NOW!
  9. It's time for the annual Spring Wash Sale, and we've got a few new items too! Enjoy 15% off using the code WASH, plus free shipping to the continental 48 states on orders over $80 before discount. Grab your essential wash products like Car Shampoo, Ultra Foam Shampoo, and the Ultra Plush Drying Towel...also on sale for $29.99, so it's down to $25.49 after the discount is applied! This sale ends Tuesday April 24th at midnight. CLICK HERE TO SHOP NOW We got another shipment of the Detailing Stools back in just yesterday - this time with a gray base instead of the red base, but the stool is otherwise identical. This one is limited quantity, so it will go fast, but it's my understanding that we should have more red ones on the way in the near future as well. We also have new Draw String Bags to carry around some essential items at a show, grape air fresheners, and an Adam's logo Lapel Pin: Full sale ad below:
  10. Spring is finally here, a time I look forward to every year to get my vehicles back into top form, with some detailing sessions out in the garage or in the driveway, and*the Swirl Killer in hand ready to do some work! What better way to get started than to organize some of your detailing supplies! For this Spring Sale, we have a few key products at some great prices to spruce up the garage and make your detailing more efficient, like the Adam's Bottle Organizer and the smaller Adam's Standard Detailing Cart! We have some nice and soft new hoodies in some spring-themed colors as well, with a matching bottle of detail juice to go with them - Detail Spray for the pink hoodie, Tire Shine for the yellow hoodie, and Waterless Wash for the blue hoodie! This sale is for 15% off using the code SPRING18, and free shipping to the 48 continental United States on orders over $75. Sale ends April 1st at Midnight! The other BIG announcement is our Open House Event at our new Headquarters on April 7th! We'll be having a Cars 'n Coffee event at the usual location in Lafayette early in the morning, followed by a clinic at HQ in Thornton following immediately after! There will be a bounce house on-site for the kids too, so bring the whole family! Nearly the whole team will be in attendance, so if you're local or nearby, we hope to see you there! CLICK HERE TO SHOP NOW or click any of the pictures below for more information!
  11. We at Adam’s Polishes are celebrating our 18th Anniversary and we're thrilled to share it with you, our amazing customers! Here's the specifics of the Anniversary Sale, with more information below on our newest product, Adam's Ceramic Paste Wax. Use the code 18YEARS for 18% off of your order total! Please note this code is not valid on Ceramic Paste Wax (limited edition item), gift cards, or sample kits. We have free shipping available for orders over $100 before discount for the continental U.S. as well. This sale ends Friday, May 8th at Midnight. Click Here to Shop Now! Adam’s Polishes has just moved to a new location that’s bigger and better than our last to keep up with an enormous upscale in product production, our ever-growing creative team, and a brand-genius that knows no boundaries. We’re busy remodeling our space to match the vibrant culture we’ve created over the past 18 years. But like we said, it’s not just our space that’s new. For our 18th Anniversary we’re launching a product that’s unlike any other on the market: a ceramic paste wax. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0gE5xCRr4o This special wax is made with cutting-edge technology, using an inorganic, synthetic paste. It’s a product that will blow your normal wax or sealant away. With our ceramic wax, you’ll find an increase in detergency resistance, higher contact angle, and a temperature stability superior to the more natural, counterpart products. We are transforming the way you protect and polish your car. We know that taking care of your vehicle is important to our customers. By providing the highest quality products, not only are we changing the way your car appears on the road but how YOU feel driving it. We believe that by upscaling our facility, we’re able to optimize your experience. We’re excited for the upcoming months as new projects continue to roll out to give you, our devoted and beloved customers, the cutting-edge technology and flare to set you apart from other cars on the road. Products and results you’ve only dreamed of. The future is now. Here’s to 18+ more years!
  12. Hey everyone! As promised last week, our Ultra Foam Shampoo is back in stock and ready to go! You will be amazed at how much thick foam this stuff creates through a pressure washer and Foam Cannon setup! We've also launched a few new kits and accessories to go along with it, like the pressurized IK Foam Sprayer and Snub Nose Pressure Washer attachment (Note: Snub Nose Pressure Washer attachment is not compatible with all pressure washers). The sale is active now for 15% off using the code FOAM, and ends Monday at Midnight MST. We have free shipping on orders over $100 for the continental U.S. as well! CLICK HERE TO SHOP NOW and check out all of the new products below! As always, let us know if you have any questions
  13. Reminder: this is a short sale mainly for the mystery buckets, so it ends tonight at midnight! We'll be having another sale next week for the re-launch of Ultra Foam Shampoo as well
  14. Happy Valentine's Day! Spoil your car or loved ones this Valentine's Day with some premium car care products from Adam's We're doing 15% off store-wide and $7 flat rate shipping* until tomorrow at Midnight! We have Mystery Buckets back up for this sale too, but please note that they are not eligible for further discounts since they're already heavily discounted. We also have a limited number of Backpacks available in the New Products section of the site as well. I can't wait to grab one of these to haul around my laptop and other gear while at show events! Use the code HEART18 during checkout to grab 15% off of your order, with the exception of Mystery Buckets, hoodies, and gift cards. Free shipping is set to $125 before discount for this sale. CLICK HERE TO SHOP NOW or click any of the pictures below!
  15. Good afternoon! We brought back a super limited run of our Mint Chocolate Detail Spray this morning, as well as new Charcoal Odor Bags and a new air freshener scent. This sale is 48 hours only and ends Tuesday at Midnight. Orders placed before this time are guaranteed for delivery before Valentine's Day (in the continental 48 United States). Use code MINT for 15% off of the order total, and we have free shipping on orders over $75 to the continental 48 United States. CLICK HERE TO SHOP NOW and check out the full sale information below:
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