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  1. The only things that are different colors (unless it's the high country in saddle) the seat covers, the seat base and a panel on the door trim.
  2. That's putting it mildly, it looks like shit. All in all if I have to eat it and buy some stupid plastic covers I'll end up doing that, but until I've exhausted all other options I'll still be a little bitch about it. The biggest issue that I have is probably the sales managers attitude with me. But his job is to make the dealership the most amount of money he can for them. They got a little extra on that one, but I'll only buy accessories and if I have a dealership services done at another dealership. All warranty or recall work will be done through them.
  3. They are nice, I won't dispute that. They 2.5 months later and most all the wrinkles are out, just few are left.
  4. Sort of, getting the part numbers is a major pain. I've gone through and identified most of the parts but it's almost like everyone who sells them shows different part numbers. I found a set of seats in black cloth from a wrecked truck that they only wanted $250 for all of them, but they were out of a W/T so no power.
  5. They are Katzkin covers, which I'm totally fine with. It's the seat bases that are really outta place.
  6. Yeah pretty much, well at least that's what they are trying to get me to keep. Not that I have much to stand on I guess at this point.
  7. The discussions that we had with the salesman was that we wanted the ebony black interior and that we wanted leather. We discussed in length with the salesman and the finance manager that we wanted the ebony black interior with leather. But ultimately the little piece of paper that said install leather is what they are hanging their hat on. Technically they are right, all they needed to do was to install leather, if that's the deal fine, just finish installing the leather, everything that is called leather by GM needs to be added.
  8. Oh I'm realizing that now which is why my other post on the dash material. If nothing else I wanna stick to them and have them pony up and do the door inserts and anything else that can be factory leather that currently isn't. So if GM says it's leather then damn it I want it to be leather. They are holding me to their technicality, then I'm holding them to it too.
  9. Very true. Honest people honestly try, dishonest people honestly don't care.
  10. Nope it was on paper. But it was "install interior leather". Now knowing the game they play it should have said install ebony black interior and ebony black leather.
  11. Thanks, I'm still trying to let them fix it before I go and blast them..... I probably shouldn't give a crap about them. The business that I was in until recently, specializes in branding and specifically dealerships. I have some contacts with from other dealers in the area so I'm thinking about running that direction you know peer pressure. But unfortunately I don't know that this particular dealership cares much about that stuff. They are fairly high volume auto-group (Chevrolet, Ford,...) and even a check cashing business. Over the years they have been in some shady shit and caught the attention of the local police, and even the State Attorney General. So appealing their side of decency is probably so far past gone. And yes, I know, I know, never sign until it's exactly what you want and in hand. This isn't my first, and won't be my last purchase (well with these clowns it will be my first and last) and each time the deals get a bit better. The truck is great zero issues or complaints with what GM did with it.
  12. Long story and I need advice About three months ago I bought a new 2018 Silverado. I knew exactly what I wanted, Crew Cab Standard Box, 4x4, Cajun Red, Front Bucket Seats with Center Console, and Black Leather Interior. We had narrowed it down to 3 dealers who had that exact truck and one dealership who had everything except for the black leather interior, they had the Dune/Coco cloth. The dealership that had the Dune/Coco cloth was the closest to us so I wanted to swing by and check it out before driving another 1.5 hours to the other nearest dealer that had the exact one. We showed up and the salesman was hungry and wanted the business, I told him that we liked the truck but the interior was a deal breaker, we weren’t going to be happy with that interior color and cloth. Jokingly I said that if you can swap out the interior for the black factory leather we would talk. He didn’t know very much and was green, so he went and talked with the Sales Manager about it. He came back and said that they could swap out the Dune/Coca for the factory Black Leather. We took it for a test drive and decided that we would buy from that dealer. We were already pre-approved through our bank so the financing was already in place and all we had to talk about was negotiation on price, trade, the interior and accessories. We discussed it several times with the salesman while waiting for our turn in the finance department so I’m positive that I made my point clear with the salesman. Once in the finance depart talking over the all the terms we again told the finance manager that we wanted the factory black leather seats. He tried to get us to go with some other leather but I stated that all we wanted was the Black factory seats, he agreed that they were nice but tried to explain the benefits to the aftermarket leather. Eventually we all agreed that we would be getting the factory black leather seats. Fast forward 2 weeks and it was finally time to get the new seats installed. I drove the truck to the dealership and got a rental, and waited for the call from the service advisor that the truck was done. I got the call and drove back down to get the truck and as soon as I opened the door I was pissed. All they did was swap out the Dune/Coco seat covers with Leather. The seat bases, seatbelts, door panels were all still the Dune/Coco. It was just after closing time so I decided to drive home and deal with later. I got home and called the salesman but soon found out that he no longer worked there. I talked with the assistant sales manager and explained the situation and sent him pictures that same night. He was sympathetic to my issues and concerns and agreed that it didn’t look good and that they would address it, but he had to talk with the sales manager. We talked back and forth for a couple days and we were making headway to a resolution and the idea was floated that the plastic trim pieces could be swapped out on the seat bases. He just needed to go through the sales manager. The sales manager called me the next day and that’s when it all fell apart. He told me that they fulfilled their obligation and they would not be doing anything else. I tried to negotiate with him but he held firm. I again went down to the dealership to finally pick up our plates and the sales manager was there so I figured a face to face conversation was called for. I introduced myself to him and everything was normal and pleasant until he clued in to who I was and what I was talking about. He became instantly rude and dismissive. After a couple minutes he of us talking he stood up and told me that sometimes you just don’t make the customer happy and then turned around and started laughing with the other sales people who we congregating around his desk. Obviously, I wasn’t getting anywhere with this guy so I just left. I went and called the General Manager and emailed him but still have not heard back from the General Manger. I contacted General Motors and explained my issues and they have been working with me and talking the dealership. They are working for a solution that probably makes everyone happy and have passed along a proposal from the dealership. I buy the parts and they cover the labor to change out the plastic on the seat bases. I’ve decided that, that’s not acceptable to me and said no. The dealership keeps telling General Motors that they have necessary repairs have been made so when General Motors contacts me to confirm I get to tell them that no I have not had any additional contact with the dealership and nothing further has been. Knowing what I know now I screwed up, I should have just gone to one of the other dealerships and not dicked around with this dealership.
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