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  1. We are actually #2 in the nation for GMC YTD. so if a dealership is offering 25k off it has nothing to do with volume, it has to do with that dealership willing to lose that amount of money to buy inventory in the future. We sell around 1,000 vehicles a month here at our dealer. Also it is crazy that the vehicle has that much difference in the shade vs. the sun, I have honestly never seen anything like that. What I'm thinking is it is a dead spot in the paint, we have had that problem with the new canyons but I've never seen it on a Sierra.
  2. I have a 2016 with the 8-speed. I only have the 5.3 motor in mine but I haven't had any of the issues stated here, just over 14,500 miles on it and running smooth so far.
  3. I work for Laura Buick GMC, been here well over 5 years, and can confirm the numbers are accurate, we sell close to 1,000 cars a month. I hate reading the negative reviews, hopefully we have the opportunity to correct those mistakes next time. I would be happy to assist anyone here with the purchase of a new GMC or Buick.
  4. I work for Laura Buick GMC, We are typically 10-12k off new sierras most of the time. And sometimes as much as 15-16k off. The Select Model cash helps a lot buy us being a huge volume dealership is the main reason.
  5. All terrain already sold...however we have a black SLE in front of our serivce drive.
  6. I believe they are pricing it and throwing it on our website.....I have no control over the FB page tho lol I just sell em here, everything else is over my pay scale.
  7. Finally got our first 2014 GMC Sierra All Terrain and I must say I am quite impressed with the quietness of the truck along with the features and luxuries inside the cab.....Bravo to GMC.
  8. Yeah I know...but its almost like it was a limited run color.
  9. We had a Yukon XL Denali in the Graphite Blue Metallic paint, color looked amazing inside the showroom. We don't list that or the Mineral Green as an available color on any of our dealership GMC guides.
  10. Bought from my dealership here In Collinsville IL...glad to see it went to a good home.
  11. 16% or so cheaper at the pump....23% or so worse fuel economy. Always a tough call.
  12. 13 GMC's have 3000 Rebate, 1000 Bonus Cash, 1000 PDU Disc, 1000 GM Loyalty, 1000 trade assist, 750 USAA
  13. RockChalk05

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    POGS!!!!!! still have about 5 tubes of those things laying around.
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