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  1. For Sale 1970 Chevy C10

    if you know where i can get a bed i am looking for a 1968-72 bed
  2. For Sale: Rancho Struts

    what year make and model truck are they for?
  3. i have a 1972 chevy c30 i am looking for a fleet side long bed i dont mind if it needs work. i am taking off a utility bed and need a regular bed to go on my truck so let me know what you have alos different years might fit i am pretty sure 1969 1970 1971 1972 have the same bed but i am willing to try different years maybe also
  4. i have a full size 1972 chevy c30 pickup i am selling bed off because i dont need it its solid steel and in good shape i just need a regular bed so i am selling this in order to get some money to buy a regular long bed it should fit lots of other truck brands and years this should fit any full sized pickup

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