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  1. Haven't tried it but seems to me if they had moved the receiver part parallel with the body it would have fixed this problem. Yeah, it would be harder to remove or install the hitch but if it's not in the way you don't have to remove it.
  2. Altho I don't need glass' to drive some of us old folk don't see so good any more. lol The point I was trying to make was "to hard to see at times" never have that problem in my vette or aircraft. I look at it as a safety feature.
  3. Just got a 2019 sierra Denali and find that the white color of the HUD tends to blend in with white cars, concrete roads etc and it is very distracting and requires to much attention to decipher. My corvette's HUD is green as is all the aircraft I've every flown. Is there a way to change the color of the HUD? If not GM may want to look into it before they are faced with a law suit by someone claiming the the HUD distracted them resulting in an accident.
  4. Most of you missed the question. If everything is the same on a 120 mile round trip why does the mileage very so much? This is a weekly trip. Just up there and back. No other running around. I have seen it get 15.4 up to 21.5 on the same trip.
  5. 2015 5.3 z71. Going the same distance, same speed (cruise control @ 79), same load, same traffic, same radio station etc. Everything is a constant even where I get gas but there will be as much as almost 3 mile to the gallon difference in mileage. I have it set on the 25 mile average setting. 9400 mile on truck. Should I run some kind of fuel system cleaner? sea foam ?
  6. I'm a little confused about the 4wd switch on the left dash. What are the two items/lights in the auto mode for and what does each one do?
  7. Trying to find a lighter that works in the power outlets in my 2014 Silverado but not having any luck. They will fit into the power outlet, a little lose, but will not stay in the heat position when pushed in. It's like GM build the power outlet a little bigger than needed. Another thing that really gets me, they have the ashtray door but there is no ashtray available, same as with my 05 Dodge ram.
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