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  1. I switched from an iPhone 5 (which had no bluetooth issues in the truck) to an LG G3 Android phone last week. I've been experiencing the bluetooth dropping on calls as well. I figured it was an issue between the truck and the Android phone since the iphone worked flawlessly since I got the truck. Looks like I'll be switching back to my old phone to use bluetooth calling trouble free.
  2. I had a similar issue where one day the screen just went black and wouldn't come back on. I took it to the dealer and there was an update for it. Once they installed that, it's been fine since. (that was back in March)
  3. Another update just came out on the 10th of March for this issue. As luck would have it my Sierra did it this morning, the tech is working on doing the update to mine now. My truck has a build date of January 2014 so this latest update covers even newer new vehicles. (actually it had a Buick or two on the list of models affected as well)
  4. I'm leaning towards going with the gray ones for my cocoa/dune. The tan isn't close enough to match to my eye, the black could work but I'm thinking the gray may be a decent middle ground.
  5. For March? I haven't seen anything yet and I'm really curious what they're going to do.
  6. I'm currently debating on waiting until March to see what the new incentives will be, since it sounds like they may stop ordering on 2014s in April or so.
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