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  1. Jeg's PCV oil separator

    I'm thinking it might be the air passing through the filter
  2. Jeg's PCV oil separator

    Hey cowpie can you hear the air traveling through your lines where you have it mounted in the spare battery area? It sounds like mine is leaking but I can find a leak and it's running fine. I think I'm just hearing the air through the hoses.
  3. 2015 Tahoe

    Front of that truck looks like a Mexican Wrestling mask. Yukon looks so much better
  4. Have an 07 suburban and my passenger side wiper is spraying everything but the windshield. Has a slice in it and the pivot point. Can i replace just the hose and sprayers or do i need a new wiper arm?
  5. Jeg's PCV oil separator

    Bought a Range V-8 and the CP glass catch can. Here is hoping for a longer lasting engine.
  6. Jeg's PCV oil separator

    Do the filters in this catch can need to be replaced at a certain mileage or are they good for the life of the can? Edit n/m found it on the site in the Q/A How often will I need to change or clean my filter element? Answer: The filter element is a very important part of this catch can system and should be changed whenever vacuum pressure between the filter and the PCV valve decreases by 2 inches of mercury or if you have driven 5000 miles after installing or replacing the filter. Keep in mind that oil containing a high level of contamination will clog any filter media at an accelerated rate. Filters may be cleaned using isopropyl alcohol.

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