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  1. I figured it was a money grab on their part. I went and bought fluid last night and changed myself, way cheaper than 79.99 they were asking. I also think the mechanics finger was dirty or they put dirt in the sample they brought me. Fluid looked way better than what he showed me. Can't trust anyone these days I guess. Thanks for the help fellas!
  2. Does anyone think 30K miles is a little fast for my rear diff fluid to be dark and dirty looking? The oil change place inspected it I guess and came out with a sample of the fluid telling me it needs to be replace. I've never done a fluid switch this quick(37k) on any truck I've owned. I'm wondering if theres a bigger problem developing that I'm missing. They could have just been trying to squeeze money out of me, I will pay nobody $80 to do something this simple. I am going to purchase the oil myself and change it I guess. Hopefully this isn't the normal operating procedure for this truck. I
  3. I put some headwaters seat covers on my 14. Very nice product and Paul is an excellent guy to deal with. Went with them because Paul customer service reputation. Also, the wide range of add ons available.
  4. Thank you for the information guys! Thank you for the information guys!
  5. Took my 2014 in this morning to have an oil change done. Service advisor calls me back and says there is two recalls to be done on my truck and they take 6 hours to perform them. Anyone have any idea which these are? Most recent recall I had done was the loose oil cooler/transmission line deal.
  6. If you like over paying for things Rigid is the way to go. Buddy of mine has a 30'' rigid on his Rzr. I have a 30" Totron on my Rzr. We go the same places, do the same things. Run into the same limbs. Drive through the same mud holes. I've actually beat on mine more than he has his. The little 300 dollar Totron is just as bright and durable as the 30'' Rigid. Only way to tell the difference in the name branded on the light. Just my real world experience with both Rigid and cheaper alternatives.
  7. Start a Paypal claim. The shipping time will be after the period you have to file a claim with Ebay and paypal. That's the problem everyone is having. Don't listen to someone you talk on the phone to, they're ignorant. It was worth a try. Too good to be true like a lot of things are. Good thing we should get our money back through Paypal.
  8. It's a scam. I already have the Paypal dispute processing. Tell your buddy to open up a dispute before the deadline to do so.
  9. Looks like we may have got taken. Bunch of negative feedback claiming scam on his feedback now. When I bought, he didn't have hardly anything negative. Now, he has a bunch of unhappy people it seems.
  10. Looks real nice. What did you paint the headlight surround with?
  11. Anybody receive their $60 lightbar from Beijing yet?
  12. Good to hear the bags work with the lift. Thanks for the insight.
  13. I am in the same boat, no pun intended, right now. Will be interesting to see the answers. I default to airbags. Mainly because you have adjustability. But, I've heard good things about TImbren's too.
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