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  1. MacA What size tires did you go with and is yours leveled out?
  2. Here is a stupid ? How do you know if you are putting to much weight in your bed ?
  3. Wow these trucks will carry 1,800lbs in the bed [emoji15] I didn't think they could carry that much lol Thanks
  4. I have looked on here but can't find any other threads and my drivers manual isn't with me. I have a 2015 Chevy Silverado 5.3L , 4wd , LTZ besides the normal stuff from lowes ( wood , mulch and etc ) I have yet to haul anything really heavy. I do pull my boat however that's tongue weight! I'm looking at helping a buddy pick up quite a few bags of cement and etc. Each bag of cement is 50lbs a piece. I was just wondering what the safe limit of weight is for my truck? Thanks
  5. Wow my 15 silverado LTZ , 4x4 , 5.3L , 3.42's has no issues! I guess i got a good one
  6. Tuscany is here in Fort Worth Tx Dealers in Texas send new trucks there to get lifted and etc http://mobile.dudamobile.com/site/tuscanyautomotive_2?url=http://tuscanyautomotive.com/
  7. Thank you! Congrats on having such a great truck it's good to hear from someone with great luck
  8. Chuck anything on my front glass IMO is tint however it's real name is Llumar air 80! It's a clear window film used to block 99% ultra violet rays that cause cancer ( skin cancer ) It's a light light purple. Because the cutout around the inspection sticker is clear as day compared to this yet it's still faint colored. http://www.llumar.com/choose-a-product/automotive-window-films/clear-window-films Not to mention but if you check the Texas laws ( link below ) #5 says it's legal as long as it's clear and it's used to block uv rays. Now I personally wouldn't call it clear however compared to regular tint then I guess it's clear as Llumar calls it clear lol Not being a prick just saying what I'm told and the legal form I was given. http://www.txdps.state.tx.us/rsd/vi/consumerinfo/windowTint.htm
  9. Took delivery last Saturday Order put in June 26 Built August 23rd Picked up a week ago tonight 9/13/14 2015 crew cab , 4x4 , white diamond , LTZ , fully loaded
  10. Depends on the installer and if he cuts by hand or has a plotter! Have to ask the wife what the total was. I figured if I was paying a premium for white diamond might as well protect it.
  11. Dropped the truck off Wednesday morning and picked it up this morning. I had the painted part below the grille , head lights , fog lights , full hood , full both front fenders , rocker panels all the way down the lower side of truck and A pillars wrapped in XPEL Ultimate Self-Healing ppf film! 100% no seams. ( trying to protect the WD paint ) as I live in the country and bugs and etc are everywhere., I also had all the windows covered in Llumar CTX ceramic tint! I don't know what shade as it's very transparent but dark enough to hold out 40% heat I tinted the front windsheild as I found out it's now legal in the state of Tx! They leAve a small cut out for inspection sticker Dark ceramic tint looks killer on white!!!!!
  12. I'm guessing they do. I have never sit back there but the vents are still in the back.
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