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  1. wow, great info fellas! I'll go out in a bit, crawl under the 'Burb and snap a pic of the trans and post it up. Then we can find out what trans is under this truck.
  2. I think you are right. I'm a Mopar guy (don't beat me up. Lol) so I'm not as familiar with the visual differences, but I'm 99% sure it doesn't have the 4L80E. No filter on the outside of the trans (that's what I was told to look for).
  3. Thanks so much bud. I picked up this suburban a few months back from my brother, who owned it since new and took great care of it. With 226K on the clock and it riding on 35s with 456 gears she drinks a little gas, and oil, but she runs like a top. Cheers!
  4. Thanks bud. I bought it off of my brother a few months back. We love this truck.
  5. m I searched and came up empty on this. Could someone point me to a thread on it. Thanks!
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