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  1. If your Silverado gasket part number is the same as my 2011 1500 Silverado 4X4 you will not need a new one. My GM gasket is rubber over metal and is reusable several times.
  2. Air filter box

    I don't know what year about the two small holes, but I do know the one inlet hole in fender on my 2011 Silverado is a lot larger then my 2002 Silverado fender air inlet hole. Also GM changed the part number for the replacement ACDelco paper airlifter. Filter does not look as restrictive as the one the came on truck, mybe a tiny bit better airflow. Dave
  3. Aftermarket Air Intakes

    I agree, I had the Airaid intake tube on mine for just a few months, it's off now just too much noise. I'll get around sometime and sell it. You do get a tiny bit more power around the 5,000 rpm range. Dave 2011 Silverado 5.3 4X4 Ext
  4. Just replaced my old high capacity ACDelco airfilter on my 2011Silverado Z71, new filter # 22845992 old filter 15908915 the only difference I see new filter has a lot less pleats ?

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