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  1. yea, can't imagine a catch can runs too much $... and is easy to install.
  2. never thought of running a catch can on the truck, wonder if that would help a bit... hmmmm
  3. any common issues with a slight blue (non water evaporation) type smoke at start up in the mornings? Its only for the first 5 seconds of the truck starting up, then it goes away. 2014 with around 50k miles on it. Runs great, no issues other than this smoke that has me a little concerned. Im hoping its nothing crazy like rings going.... questions? ask away.... thx in advance.
  4. it might be fine, but for that weight i would seriously consider a 3/4 ton. I used to live in Vegas, if you're talking about Mt. charleston it gets boring real quick, before you know it you will be making longer hauls to better areas, trust me.
  5. Honestly, im not sure on what parts were swappable and not, i do remember my shop telling me they had to use some OEM parts off a 3.42 silverado that they just did the same conversion on. There were some minor noises right after the swap, but went away after a couple days of driving. Now its perfect, feels like driving a car, smooth & peppy. My toy hauler is 4000lbs dry, i estimate around 5500lbs-ish loaded up. For that Vegas heat a 4.10 swap is a wise idea, even if its flat there. Heading over the pass towards Cali on a hot day im sure it would help a bunch.
  6. i can't speak in technical terms about this, only from personal driving experience. On the old 3.08's the truck had a hard time just turning the 32's on the freeway, just felt like a struggle, even my wife would complain about it (that's when you know its bad). Like you cr250, i researched the gears 'after' i bought the truck and was disappointed in the tow rating & lack of pep in driving experience. I cant get a bigger truck, my garage wont fit it, and winters get cold here. 4.10's & a ECU tune transformed the truck, drives great now & I can now tow my dirt bikes / toy hauler without hesitation. The best mod i have done to the truck hands down. - Yes, i know legally my tow rating has not changed... even staying within GVWR the 3.08's struggled massively going over our mountain passes.
  7. it is a like a new truck & it can finally tow properly for a half ton, not sure on the MPG's... kept it cause it fits like a glove in my garage
  8. went from 3.08's to Yukon 4.10's and a custom tune...bye bye v4 mode... money well spent.
  9. Finally got around with my snowbike setup done for the truck, just gotta wire up the lights... RC 2" Level 275/70/18 KO2's Rigid SRQ fog LED Rigid Dually D2 a pillar LED Rigid Dually diffused Bed LED Zroads hood hinge mounts Leitner ACS bed rack Caliber Low Pro glide plates Cant remember name of the side steps Stoked on the rack, $$$ but well built.
  10. So before i go in and start running the wires & possibly cutting necessary holes, I'd like to see if any of you guys have any good tips on where/how to route the wires. Running Dually D2's on the A-pillars via hood hinge mounts, then I will be running a set of diffused Dually's on my rear rack (towards roof) in the bed of the truck. So one set of wires by the hood & one set of wires the bed, all need to route for power (always on, key or no key) and then route the 2 rigid buttons into my cabin. Not sure yet on where to put the button, just needs to be in a convenient spot, so any good tips on that is appreciated too. tia!
  11. zroadz sells same kind of thing, got one on order http://zroadz.com/index.php/product/hood-hinges-led-light-mounts-chevrolet-silverado-1500_2014-2017/
  12. SR-Q2 wide are pretty low, I am not 100% sure what watts the OEM bulb are though... but i thought they were 35w SR-Q2 Specifications: Watts: 34.5 Amp Draw: 2.50 LED's: 6 Raw Lumens: 3030 Lux @ 10m: 178.2 Beam Distance: 267.0 m Peak Beam Intensity: 17,824 cd ** Edit - Finished the install, seems to work great. I still need to do your foglight highbeam mod but wifey thinks i spent enough time in the shop for one day
  13. Got a 2014 silverado & am about to install some Rigid SR-Q2 LED's into the fog light assembly, this guide plus a set of fabbed connectors will help a bunch to make the install right, thx Spurshot!
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