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  1. So trying to figure out the best solution here. Looking to do a Line-X liner and a new tool box in the next few weeks and have a question. Which of the following options - -Remove plastic bed rail covers and have rails sprayed along with bed? -Leave caps and have tool box sit on top of plastic covers? I think removing the covers and having the rails Line-X'ed makes the most sense to me but wanted to make sure I'm not overlooking something? Thanks in advance
  2. Was there an update since you attended the test drive session? Just curious if I missed it...
  3. I have less than 300 miles on mine and I'm already getting sore legs on the side after 15-30 minutes. It feels like the the side cushions on the bottom are rock hard and certain point are pushing in to the side up my legs. Quickly becoming not fun to drive over 20-30 miles.
  4. So, I traded my 18 LTZ Duramax last Thursday and I'm wondering now if I made a mistake. Truck is a 6.2 with just over 200 miles on it and out of the blue today it started whining/groaning with AC tuned on (all settings). Sounds like a moan that moves along with the rpms, turn the AC off (fan still running) noise completely stops. Almost sounds like an old car with a loose ground and whining coming through the radio speakers. I poked around in the engine bay and realized the AC lines (rubber and metallic) seem to have a matching vibration or buzz to them when the AC is on and stops when the AC is turned off. Sound definitely sounds to be coming from the passenger side where the plumbing comes in. I've had many GM trucks both gas and diesel and have never had an issue like this. Is anyone else experiencing this sound? My gut is telling me this vibration for the AC lines are creating this sound into the firewall and resonating through something to create this sound but that's just me speculating at this point. Any help would be great and thanks in advance
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