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  1. Steering wheel controls

    Yeah I like the info pages (speed ,l/km) on the screen, it’s annoying to go back and forth just to change the station. To bad they didn’t give the option to decide what it controls
  2. Is there any way to switch the steering wheel controls on the back from switching through favorites to changing through all channels? I use xm radio all the time so I like scrolling through all the stations.
  3. Hey I’m looking to hookup my beacon light and my slip tank and wondering if anybody has any pictures of switches that look okay in the truck? My truck is a 17 Silverado.
  4. thanksgiving weekend in Canada, so he's off. Im assuming with the bucket seats you get the center console? Also curious what the silverado special edition package is?
  5. Im buying a '17 next week and the dealer needs to locate it so it wasn't on the lot for me to see. I only have the spec sheet he gave me (no vin) and i just want to see the truck to make sure its exactly what i want. Ill post the spec sheets and if there is anyone who can find pictures of my exact truck (interior and exterior) that would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Emblem Mods

    Alright thanks!
  7. Emblem Mods

    Did the z71 just clip on?
  8. Emblem Mods

    Hey I'm looking to plasti dip my front and back emblems black. My truck color is Iridium Metallic, just wondering if anybody has pictures of both the front and back emblems done like this? Also I wouldn't mind adding the little clip on "Z71" emblem onto my front grill..does anyone know how difficult this is with an All Terrain grill?
  9. I'm in the same boat, All terrain SLE with power folding mirrors. When I go into the comfort and convenience, there is no option to turn them on or off, still wondering if anybody figured out the problem
  10. Just want a quick run through of all the development options and what they mean
  11. Just wanna get some info on the intellilink system when you press "home" "power" and "menu" the developemnt screen comes up. Just wondering if someone can run through quickly of what I'm seeing?

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