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  1. A/C

    I've had a/c issues in mine as well. I've had my trailboss LT since november and I just picked it up a third time for being there for the A/C. The first time they couldn't diagnose the problem so filled it with dye. Then they ended up replacing a part the second time. This time they refilled it with dye and still couldn't find a leak but it keeps losing refrigerant. have had to take it back in about once a month. Needless to say I'm quite frustrated. Maybe we are having a similar issue.
  2. Not the greatest shot but Here's my Trail Boss. Wasn't planning on getting the Trail Boss until I saw it in person and kind of had to after that. Love it so far. Coming from a 2015 Silverado LT.
  3. Reverse Camera **UPDATE**

    $375 for everything.
  4. Reverse Camera **UPDATE**

    Just an update on how things went for me. I spent some time shopping around for the camera and the handle to get a decent price as I wasn't in a tremendous hurry to get this done. I ended up getting the tailgate handle on ebay and the camera from GM parts center. I installed both in what was probably 10 to 15 minutes. Very quick and easy. Plugged it into the plug on the bottom rear of the truck where the camera is supposed to plug in and that part was finished. It obviously didn't work since the HMI wasn't reprogrammed. Contacted autospa/MVI and got a programmed HMI shipped out to me. I received it yesterday and swapped it out. Basically had to remove the lower glove box, unplug the cords that were currently plugged into my original HMI, removed the HMI, replaced it with the reprogrammed one and plugged everything back in. Also probably another 10 - 15 minutes to do this. Now I throw the truck in reverse and everything works perfectly. Movable grid lines and everything. I have the 4.2" screen. It was a very simple process, ended up being cheaper than most reverse camera systems out there and it works seamlessly as if it came from GM like this.
  5. 2015 E85

    I've seen that it was a $100 option when ordering the truck, but I'm curious to know if anyone has done it after the fact and how much they were able to get it done for. I'm assuming not $100.
  6. 2015 E85

    I'd love to hear if anyone has actually done this through their dealer. I have a gas 5.3 and would like to make the conversion as well.
  7. Rostra Backup Camera for 4.2" Mylink

    The link you provided says that you have to currently have the 8" touch screen installed. Does this option also work for the 4.2" screen?
  8. Reverse Camera **UPDATE**

    Did you order a reprogrammed HMI or did you have your dealer reprogram it? And if so, how did you go about getting them to reprogram it?
  9. Reverse Camera **UPDATE**

    That's unfortunate. Thanks for keeping us updated. I was planning on giving it a go when I went in to do my first oil change at the dealer to see what they say. I may still inquire about it but it seems silly to me that it would be such an issue. I wonder what they would say if you had the OEM camera installed and plugged in and went in and said "hey for some reason my reverse camera won't work can you figure out why?" what would end up happening. Anyway we shall see. I'm sure someone will figure out what needs to be done.
  10. Reverse Camera **UPDATE**

    Hello. New to the forum. Just picked up a 2015 LT and was looking about adding a reverse camera. I've searched all around and would really like to go the route of adding the OEM camera and tapping in to the existing wiring. I called the parts & service department at the dealership where I purchased my truck and they said they wouldn't be able to install a backup camera since GM didn't have an upgrade kit for it. I don't really know what to make of that response. I was actually quite surprised with that response. I don't mind purchasing the parts online and doing the install myself, especially if it's as simple as plugging it into an existing port. But I don't want to run into the issue of having everything set up and having the camera not work and the dealer being unwilling or unable to finish the job. Is a reprogrammed HMI the only way I can go? I currently have the 4.2" screen. Any input would help. Thanks.

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