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  1. Hey all, I'm not new to the site, but haven't been on the site for a really long time. I've got a 2012 Sierra and love it. Once I got the gas tank issue fixed, I'm happy as a lark. Hope everyone has a great week!
  2. Hi all. I need to pick your brains for a minute. My cigarette lighter is not working. I need to be able to plug a blinking light into it. I bought a manual and it is no help. Can y'all help me find the fuse? Have a great day!
  3. Hey all, I bought a 2012 GMC Sierra. The dealership gave us 1 factory key w/ fob. Do I have to go to the GMC dealer to get chipped keys?
  4. I have an issue when I fill my 2012 GMC Sierra up at the gas pumps. It will click off on the lowest notch 10 or so times before I reach 3 gal. Anyone heard of this?
  5. I delivered rural in my 12 Sierra 4X4. Very comfortable ride. Had it only about 1 month. Runs like a chanp!
  6. Thanks all I've been looking at 10-13s
  7. Hi all, I'm new to this forum. I live in Post, TX. I'm a rural mail carrier. I'm researching buying a used 4x4 vehicle. How dependable are the 4x4 trucks? I sometimes carry large packages too big for my Dodge Dakota extended cab and end up putting them in the bed of it. That is a concern too. I've carried car fenders to deliver. There are places on my route where I will need to use the 4 wheel drive daily. Any advice is welcome. Thanks
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