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  1. I paid $725 for the pair I am calling them back today. I called yesterday and they were going to check into the wire harnesses for me. I am going to ask them about it today once I get a call back. Thanks for the info. Hopefully I can get it resolved as the LED's were a part of why I wanted the new towing mirrors. The dealership I work with gave me the pair for $725. A kit I believe.
  2. Just had my new chrome towing mirrors installed at dealership. Drove it home and realized the amber lights only work as the former puddle lights and the rear LEDs won't turn on at all with cargo or reverse. Called the dealership and they said they couldn't wire it to work since its factory plugs. He was going to check on a new wiring harness. Any one have this problem or advice on how I can get the Amber lights and LEDs to work?
  3. I called my local dealership yesterday and ordered the chrome towing mirrors. They said $725 and a month out.
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