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  1. My yukon xl with auto ride ( what a waste ) has 130 K on it still rides ok .Im thinking of replacing the original shocks. I'm not going to replace the auto ride the bags have been blown since 05. What are good aftermarket shocks that will replace them and give me that nice ride. Or should I stay with gm.. I was thinking bilsteins..
  2. My 2001 yukon xl with the 5.3 has been doing that for years now .. I think it's called piston slap. . I just live with it . It doesn't seem to have an effect on anything. A few of my friends with same truck also had same problem. . I tried a few addatives. And different oil but same thing
  3. Thanks for the quick info.. I hope the new plugs last as long as the originals did
  4. Hey guys. . First post.. I have a 2001 yukon xl ..with the 5.3. 130000miles I guess it's time for plugs and wires.. any ideas on brand and gap?? Mo

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