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  1. I'm a bit late to this post but just measured my 2021 Trail Boss and my axle seems to be off by exactly 1/2" to the passenger side when measuring from the wheel to the frame rail. My bed is off by about 1/8" as well but very difficult to see with the eye. Truck seems to drive just fine so I'm not too worried but definitely something worth taking note of.
  2. Hey all, newer member here. My truck is a 2007 Silverado Classic that I've had since July 15'. When I got the truck it was 100% stock with 79K miles and had been extremely well taken care of by the previous owner. Some details on the truck are that it is WT model so it's as plain as they came with the 5 speed manual and manual transfer case paired to the time proven 4.3 V6. In my 7 months of owning the truck I've used it like a truck and driven it like it was meant to be and the mileage currently sits right aroud 88K miles. I have done a handful of modifications to the truck but nothing very substantial. My mods are (as of 2/13/16) -2" RC leveling kit -Gibson dual exhaust -Swapped on set of newer Tahoe 20" wheels -8000K 55w HIDs -Installed factory fog lamps -Upgraded speakers w/Kenwood radio Now that I've owned the truck for a little while now I do plan on ditching the 4.3 for most likely the 5.3, upgrading the the 6" RC lift kit, and throwing a nice set of XD wheels with mildly aggressive 33" or 35" tires. My intentions with this one are not to make it fast but to make it visually appealing but still be able to perform the duties of a truck day to day and still be relatively capable with off road activities. I have attached a picture of when I got the truck and how it sits now. .
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