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  1. This is definetly true. Before I had the VSS wire hooked up if I would be driving real fast it would say take next exit 1/4 mile and I would already be at the exit. It works a lot better now.
  2. Yeah just cut into them and solder them. I had the same problem. I have a silverado ss with xm radio. I did that and everything works great.
  3. I got my non-lux touch screen head unit installed and it works great. I have not yet installed the VSS wire though. Right now it works pretty good though. Does anyone know the part number for the manual on how to use this thing though. I cant figure out all the features on it. Let me know if anyone can help.
  4. Ok. I installed the Head Unit. Where do you mount the antenna. I saw one scematic of where it supposedly goes. I cant get the dash apart. Does it really matters where it goes and where did everyone else do it. Right now I have it just dangling in the back of the radio till I get the theftlock turned off next week. Let me know so I can make sure it works.
  5. The old part number 15055250 comes up as invalid. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> You might try part# 15122617 <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Does that one have the metal tabs on the side.
  6. The old part number 15055250 comes up as invalid.
  7. What is the correct number for the CD Changer. I need to get the right one with the metal tabs on the side not the plastic push pins.

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