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  1. I have a 01 Silverado 2500HD long bed and it seems for the past while a bad smell has progressively gotten worse, it is the strongest in the rear driver wheel well. The burning smell I've been told is from my park brake which I use quite often, is this commen for them to get stuck and still drive? It stinks the most after I drive it for a bit. I've also been told it could be the rear diff but I just changed the fluid, they are also disc brakes in the back.
  2. Hi I have a 2001 Chevy 2500HD LS with the 6.0L I recently noticed that there's 2 holes in my muffler so I automatically thought it was some rock ping holes or rust but when I noticed them they were parallel to Eachother and looked identical almost like they where machine punched. There is no rust underneath either, is there any reason that it would be punched or did anyone have the same issue?
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