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  1. FIX DOES NOT WORK 2021 GMC AT4 1500. Purchased 12/26/2020 current mileage: 256 (most of that is driving to and from the dealer. ;( Truck was delivered to the dealer on 12/26/2020... I was there for the PDI and saw it with the wrappers. Truck has been in the shop for 4 days now. The patch/update was applied yesterday and it still does NOT work. Dealer has 2 other trucks with the same issue. One truck is a 2021 Elevation owned by a tech at the dealer. He applied the update to his yesterday and was able to download apps. They took me outside to show it works on his truck and to their surprise it did not. MAJOR WTF!!! So, on the dealer tech's personal truck it worked for ONE day and now back to not working. He had downloaded a few apps and those were on this home screen but the apps do NOT work because there is no internet connection. He said mine was working yesterday afternoon but this morning it's not, same as his. They have another truck on the lot, not purchased, with the same error messages. They haven't touched that one yet. I believe all 3 trucks are recent builds and all were delivered over the past 1 to 2 weeks. The dealer tech's truck has less than 200 miles on it. ***** EDIT ***** Jan 3rd. It started working after running errands today the radio prompted me to accept terms and conditions as I pulled in the driveway. After a few minutes of accepting this and that I checked and the radio had connected to my HOME wifi. I downloaded two apps and configured those. I was able to continue using those apps i assume via the OnStar Wifi connection. Maybe the truck piggy backs off the phone. not sure but it appears to be working for now. Very odd
  2. I spoke to redhead today and they apparently have been getting a lot of calls and/or emails about the new boxes. They feel the new hydroboost is to blame for my current problems and another company shares their thoughts. the new GM gears are not built to very tight tolerances and redhead has identified a few issues and is confused by others. I sent them the link to this thread. Maybe they will post I need to retain a lawyer since GM is refusing to help any further.
  3. I also filed a complaint with NHTSA and was contacted by one of their safety engineers. I sent him photos of the invoices from the repairs. I doubt I'll hear anything from GM.
  4. I sent redhead a message about a solution for 2016 boxes. I'll post if I get a reply
  5. my truck still is not 100% after the second steering box and hydroboost replacement. The steering wheel twitches from a pulse caused by the spool value in the new steering box. As explained to me by the field engineer. This twitch is very annoying to say the least. After owning 18 GM products to include 5 new in the past 4 years this will be my last GM product ever. My truck has other issues besides the steering. I've met with GM regional management and their field engineer and they say the steering issue is normal and I was even told, "I can understand it's a source of annoyance but its normal". My wife who is completely numb to any car related problems notices it. I'm thinking about parking it on my busy street with a big lemon sign. Don't buy GM. I ask for trade assistance with getting something else and was told no, told no to a buy back as well. This truck has been the biggest disappointment ever in the 30 plus cars and trucks I've owned... I would rather have my old dodge K car back then his hunk of garbage. It would be one thing if they would just fix it. Put a 3rd box in it but no.... the lack of empathy and common decency is beyond belief. I'm not asking for a million bucks, I'm asking to have a truck that I doesn't require 15 dealer visits and 2 months in the shop after 10 months of ownership. I asked them to extend the warranty and they said no, everything is no... If anyone at GM see this message. You all really messed up big time.
  6. I have a base truck with steering issuesThe DSA is not the issue. The TSB covers both versions.
  7. They also compared mine to other 2016s on the lot and the twitch as I'm calling it is more severe in mine but considered normal. I can't get over the fact the wheel moves when the brake is applied. I've let folks from work drive it and they all say it's weird or not normal. I've bought 5 GM cars and trucks over the past 4 years, two of which i traded for this 2016. A 2015 Sierra and a 2012 Suburban. The way I have been treated is not a way GM should be running a business. The simple fact is I'm not happy with the repair and the way the truck drives. Period. I asked them to replace the steering box and they said no. GM will never get another dime out of me. I'm trying to figure out how to unload this truck and the other two GM cars I have. Massive loss across the board. What a complete utter nightmare.
  8. Does not drive well. The truck was given back with a hydroboost pulse in the wheel. When you hit the brake the wheel will shutter GM dealer said this is normal and the GM corporate person for my region said it was considered normal. It's a big source of irritation and my truck didn't display this behavior before all this mess. I requested a buy back or special trade deal and GM said no. The truck is repaired so no deals are warranted. It's complete utter bs
  9. Got my truck back today. Magical day 30... the truck appears to drive as new but the hydroboost seems a little twitchy... I could be a little sensitive to the system after all the problems. I'll give it a few days. They ended up replacing the following to restore drivability: Steering box, all steering lines, pump, hydroboost, cooler, pitman arm, front brake calipers, pads, and rotors... apparently the lash adjuster backed out and broke the box, damaged pitman arm, hydroboost or pump failed contaminating the power steering fluid with metal, and the right brake caliper started to drag ruining the pads and rotor. The 2nd dealer's tech definitely professional and I'll mention that to GM during tomorrow's conference call.
  10. Hello... My truck is still at the dealer. They replaced all the components that contain power steering fluid after identifying heavily contaminated power steering fluid. Tech said the fluid was silver... With the new steering box the sloppiness appears to be gone but the issue with the steering wheel wanting to turn right when the brake is applied remains. This occurs while moving and while stationary, at random times. The power steering causes the wheel to twitch while you drive at random times. This is extremely annoying. Dealer is perplexed and they are going to ask GM to get more envolved. Possibly have a GM engineer inspect the truck. They've had 4 different techs drive it and they all say something isn't right. They replaced the front calipers yesterday with no change in behavior. What really irritates me is the fact the entire front of the truck had to be removed to get to the cooler, and lines. The 'fit and finish' is off in how it was reassembled, if that makes sense. Oh well... Very frustrating...
  11. The latest is metal flakes/pieces were found in the steering fluid and all parts that contain fluid have to be replaced. Maybe you all should check your fluid for metal particles. I guess the steering box issues caused parts of the gears to get sucked into the hydroboost pump which resulted in brake issues and steering issues. This issue is extremely serious and I suggest you all check your fluid.
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