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  1. Tow mirror question

    Truck is an SLE no power fold. Heated, power glass, manual fold, manual extend, with signal. Thank you
  2. Hey guys. I have a 16 sierra with the max tow package. I recently smashed my passenger side mirror and need to replace the whole assembly. I called the dealership and got a price, then looked online and found the accessories towing mirrors are the same price for two as the factory one is for one. So does anyone know if the gm accessories towing mirrors are wired the same as the stock NHT mirrors?
  3. I was wondering about separating the chrome and the red
  4. Has anyone ever taken the gmc emblem apart to paint the chrome for a more permanent finish?
  5. Look awesome. Any details on what had to be done? Is it functional?
  6. New Crew Cab - Experience So Far

    I wasn't offered a loaner. I'm still driving my hot truck. When they looked at it they said it would be in this week. Going to call Friday and if it's not in yet I'll ask for a loaner.
  7. New Crew Cab - Experience So Far

    I've been waiting on an evaporator for about a week now. And had to wait a week before they could book me in to look at it. Just my luck it's been the hottest 2 weeks of summer.
  8. I got mine on amazon, a 5 inch one.
  9. What were the first mods everyone did to their trucks? Mine were a stubby anttenna, retractable tie downs and removing the front air dam. Trying to decide what to do next so let's here what you guys started with
  10. Installed a stubby antenna, bullring retractable tie downs and gave her a quick wash yesterday.
  11. Has anyone installed the klearz ones yet? Website says it needs some diy, just wondering what you have to do
  12. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    To be totally honest I don't really NEED the max tow package but I plan on keeping the truck for a while so I wanted to be prepared. And I liked the idea of the bigger rad, bigger rear end and 3.73s. And the dealer was going to charge almost as much to put tow mirrors on a truck they had on the lot. I do still want to level is and I'll just put up with a saggy ass end when I do pull a trailer
  13. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    It's going to be a daily driver as well, only pulling a trailer on some weekends. Just looking to level it for the rest of the time

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