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  1. So I didn’t mention this initially to prevent causing confusion, but I’m gonna be working on porting Comma AI OpenPilot to my truck (semi-autonomous driving), but by default it is made to leverage LKAS in modern vehicles. Hence, why I need to add the LKAS first. The truck obviously still has the electric power steering, so it might still be possible without LKAS, but would be much much easier with it. I contacted the dealer Techline, and ACDelco TDS and neither are able to offer a VCI number to add the camera module (in other words, the UHX RPO) due to “GM Brand Quality policy”, as stated by other people here. So I’m back to the drawing board trying to figure out a way to hack around it somehow.
  2. I have a 2016 Sierra, and have access to all the hardware I need to swap in Lane Keep Assist, etc. (UHX). The hardware is not an issue, but does anyone know if its possible to get the UHX RPO added to the truck? The first dealership I called said its not possible, and that GM wont do it for them because of liability, but I dont know if I believe that. In the old days, we could just fire up the Tech2 and add an RPO. Does GDS2 do this now? Are there some/all RPO codes that need to be 'okayed' by GM?
  3. Does anybody in the aftermarket make a power fold, with led signal in the mirror glass, WITHOUT the LED side bulge that the 1A Auto mirrors have? Essentially, I want DQS factory mirrors, but without the price tag (aftermarket). So far in my searches, the combination of power fold, heated, led in glass seems to be unattainable.
  4. What I'm talking about would use the factory remote. Hit unlock and the bed lights come on (and only when it's dark out). No extra Chinese fob on the keychain needed, no RF module to mount, no fuse holder hidden away from the rest of the fuses. Just one simple relay and diode, already protected by the factory cargo lamp relay fuse in the factory fuse panel.
  5. Nice. BCM makes it even easier, then I for sure can use a relay tied to ignition so that this only comes on with reverse lights when the truck is not running. Ill post instructions once I get it figured out.
  6. So, I love the bed lighting on my new truck, but I find it annoying that you have to run inside and hit the cargo light button. Has anyone had any thoughts of tapping the bed lights (also) into the reverse lights? That way when you hit the unlock button on the FOB, the bed lights will come on for a short duration? Further to that idea, does anyone know if the bed light harness taps plugs into the modular box under the bed that the taillights and hitch plug into? Or are they run elsewhere? *EDIT*: I can confirm that is where they plug in. This might turn out to be pretty simple. Obviously this has the downside of the bed lights coming on when in reverse, but I figure as long as there is an ignition or accessory hot wire in that modular box, I could relay out the bed lights when the truck is actually running, and then the bed lights would only come on with the reverse lights when the truck is off. Any 12V guys here have any thoughts? If not, ill probably volunteer and be the guinea pig......circuit should be relatively simple.
  7. Ahhhh, of course! Ill have to try it with tow/haul and see. Maybe its a break-in type issue, trucks only got 900kms on it so far...
  8. It almost sounds like intake noise, but it seems to be only coming from the passenger kickwell......hmmm...
  9. In my new 2016 6.2L, when I accelerate, at certain loads/rpms there is a noise that comes from the passenger side that kind of sounds like an out of balance wheel (its not). The noise is only at certain RPM loads, and is only under acceleration. Im unsure if itsnormal, or something is up. It is not high pitched like an exhaust leak. For lack of a better way of explaining it, It sort of sounds like "WUH WUH WUH WUH WUH" (almost like a flat tire type sound). But like i said, it is not speed dependent, and goes away when the RPMs or the load increases about that certain threshold. Any chance it might be resonance in whatever frequency the active noise cancellation is throwing out? Any way to disable the active noise cancellation temporarily to eliminate that variable? I may go to the dealership and test drive another 6.2L just to see if the sound is normal.
  10. These are keyless entry/remote start frequencies. Not sure why they are mentioned in this thread.
  11. For future readers, this is incorrect. UQA is the Bose system, but NKC is noise cancelling. I have a 6.2 All Terrain with both Bose and Active Noise Cancellation.
  12. Mileage is stored in the BCM on these trucks (as opposed to previous generations)
  13. Does anyone have a phone number or way of contacting Chris White (GTPPrix) @ White Auto and Media Services? I had a cluster sent to him for programming and haven't been able to reach him by email. I'm sure he's just very busy, but wondering if someone has a better way for contacting him? If you read this Chris, do you mind PMing me your phone number?
  14. My order was placed February 29th, and its just STARTING production on next Monday. If mine shows up without CarPlay there is going to be hell to pay...
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