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  1. Turned over 149,00 this AM. I'm outta the project, mileage should return to "normal", ~2k/month for a few months.
  2. Currently assigned to a project 300 miles from the house, plus 100 miles/day back & forth to the hotel. 2 more weeks.
  3. Turned over 143,000 on Sunday. Turned over 144,000 yesterday.
  4. Mine’s gone insane. Bouncing among radio channels or songs on my phone for about 4 seconds each. Now it goes to OnStar full volume, can’t turn it down. It acts like someone’s sitting on the remote. Im driving 1000 miles a week in silence. Feckin POS.
  5. Friday: new left front wheel bearing assy, $360 Saturday: 4 new Michelin Defenders, $1000 132,800 miles
  6. Whelp, the hold-the-unlock-button-down-to-roll-down-the-windows does not work on my '15 Z-71.
  7. Proclip on the left vent. I ran the usb cable under the kick plate and the the console.
  8. Ordered it yesterday AM, delivered yesterday PM. Gotta love Amazon Prime. No problem firing it up & updating. Installed the 93 tune with firm shifts. Easy peasy. I think I'll try the hard shifts next.
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