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  1. Just looked yesterday at my 14 and it is bubbled worse than this clear down the rockers. 60k miles Hopefully they cover it.
  2. Might buy fronts depending on price if you seperate. Part number?
  3. Ill buy bed extender if shipped and others back out.
  4. Can you get more than 1 tune. Like 87, 91 and e85 specific tunes then transmission tuned?
  5. My gf ordered a ddm kid kit for me but idk if she got the right. She ordered a DDM Plus Canbus Hid kit. http://www.ddmtuning.com/Products/DDMPlusCanbus35W Do I still need to buy capacitors for it and a relay harness? If I do need to order a relay harness then do I need a single relay dual input and out or dual relay dual input and output?
  6. Something like the bilstein 4600 was what I was originally looking into. But now I'm looking at coilovers as a better option. I have aluminum arms and have read mixed reviews for fox so i think i will stay away. Looking into kings and icons. Now if i buy cognito uca's does it matter if i order steel or aluminum part number on coilovers?
  7. I thought fox only went up to 2". I don't think they are too far off from kings in price but I will look into them. I was wondering about new UCA's. Did you have to modify anything when you put your cognitos on?
  8. I didn't know if there was shock that i could put on that was a cheaper option of kings that would give a better quality ride and still get the leveled look.
  9. Stock tires a stock shocks. I have looked into bilsteins but don't think I will be happy with amount of lift. From what I have seen in forums you don't get a full 2" and ride quality suffers with them at top setting. I am leaning towards king shocks. From what I have read they are adjustable up to 3". Just have to get over the $1400 price tag for just the front shocks.
  10. I have a 2014 silverado 1500 with a 2.5" rough country level and I'm tired of the terrible ride quality. Every bump is very rough and rattles the whole truck. Is there a best shock option I can buy to combine with this level and get better ride quality? I have looked at coil overs but I don't think I will be happy with amount of lift. Any advice or recommendations will be appreciated.
  11. I installed the 2.5" rough country level. I didnt use the rear blocks though because i have a ranch hand on my truck. It still has 1/2" rake. Looks good and havent had any issues in 500 miles. I searched through every leveling kit i could find. I only went this route to be cheap and save for either a set of king shocks or maybe go with a fab tech suspension lift with fox shocks. You might look into bilstiens 5100 height adjustable shocks. They look like a good deal for all 4 corners for just under $400. I think these silverados ride like crap so i dont think you can make it any worse. I havent actually noticed a difference in ride quality.
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