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  1. My Chevy dealer was only gonna cover half of the bill at first. So I went there and caused a little ruckus and they came back with me only having to pay $1,800.00. (Too much if you ask me)
  2. The total bill is $7,000.00. The rocker panel is part of the whole cab. The fenders, doors,and bed have to come off. I have to take it to the dealers body shop to get it done. They do good work from what I hear but it’s a major repair. The owner showed me how they go about doing it and it will take over a week to do. Oh, and I called GM and they said I was lucky that my dealer got me 75% of the bill covered since I technically was out of warranty. I had to work late tonight so I’ll get pics tomorrow and post them.
  3. It had 31 miles on it. (Great idea) I live 1 hour south of Chicago so they do salt the roads but I have a heated garage and keep it clean year round. I will take pics tomorrow and put them up for everybody to see.
  4. I’ve only owned chevys my whole life but the fact that they can’t design a truck with a big price tag not to rust is pathetic. I had to jump through a bunch of hoops just to get them to pay more than half of the bill but I don’t think it is enough. I keep my truck in the garage every night and take exceptional care of it. Is my truck a fluke or are all of the 2014-2018 silverados rusting as we speak?
  5. I bought my Silverado brand new and The rockers are rusting out already. I have 100060 miles on it and just noticed the bubbles in both rockers. Gmc has a corrosion warranty for 6 years or 100000 miles. I’m 60 miles over and I have to pay $1,800.00 out of my pocket for my percentage of the rocker replacement. I can’t believe Chevy still has the usual rust issues on the newer trucks. It is rusting out from the inside. I took a small screwdriver and pushed it through the paint and right through the rotted metal. I very disappointed that a $45,000.00 truck is rusting already.
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