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  1. I had the same code pop up on me last week? Do you have a tune on your truck. Would hate for mine to get denied because of a custom tune.
  2. Update! I changed the air filter, oil, and oil filter. Truck ran for 150ish miles, and the light went away. During the time the light was on, both times, no idle/power/gas mileage issues. Very strange.
  3. I believe it does. I consulted with my mechanic who let me know as long as the truck is running fine, which it is, and the check engine light is not flashing, then we will start with the easy/small things to assess. I'll definitely be hooking up the scanner to see if I can get live data, and get an idea of what the O2 sensors are reading on both sides of the converters.
  4. 2015 Silverado with just shy of 70K miles. Custom tune done by Lew with an AFM delete. Nothing else aftermarket done to the engine or exhaust. CEL came on a week ago on my drive home from work, but no operating issues noticed. Plugged in the diablo tuner and it shows a P0430 code. I cleared the code, but it came back this morning after approximately 400 miles. I would think if it was an exhaust leak or bad converter it would have come back on within 50 miles, correct? Could this be as simple as an O2 sensor starting to fail?
  5. That's what I wanted to hear! At that price point I think it's a steal. Now to decide on a CAI.
  6. How does the system sound when the AFM kicks in? That is what has me on the fence about a new cat back system.
  7. What made you go with the Progressive series over the Competitor?
  8. How do you like the CAI system? I'm looking at this for my 2015. I previously had an Airaid kit on my 2003, but those kits for a 2015 are over $400 now. I'm also looking at S&B if anyone has any experience with those.
  9. Would love to see pics on this as I am strongly considering this as an upgrade to my 4" screen. I would also be adding a camera in the tailgate handle so am interested to hear how that work out.
  10. For those that swapped out to an aftermarket unit, did you lose the capability of the USB ports? I haven't really been able to find any information on this at all. I know the iDatalink will allow you to keep the factory controls, but it doesn't specifically mention anything about the multiple USB ports these trucks come with.
  11. I have a 2015 Silverado with the 4" non touch dash screen. I'm in the market for a sound system upgrade and figured I would start with a nice head unit as the centerpiece. I been looking at a model from Pioneer(8201NEX) or one from Alpine(X110-SLV), but it looks like I will lose the ability to use just about all of my USB ports that are currently in the truck......I think there are 4-5 of them. Does anyone have any experience with swapping out the OEM dash unit?
  12. It was a line issue, and was completely avoidable if I had CAREFULLY read the install directions. Oh well, it's working great now. It's pretty wild the amount of stuff it catches.
  13. I'm looking to do this exact same thing, and am shoulder deep in contradicting answers from all of my research. Are you looking at the bracket kit? Either way, spindle or bracket kit, it looks like it will widen the stance a smidge. The RC bracket kit shows that you will need to run 1/4" spacers on your wheels, and the CST spindle kits I have looked at naturally widen the front stance, but will require you to run spacers on the rear to line everything up........I wish this was easier. Add additional stance width depending on the offset of the wheels you go with.
  14. I have to apologize for the incredibly tardy reply to this topic. There was an issue with the setup that was remedied by the great folks over at Elite Engineering, and now my E2X is catching TONS of stuff. Had a couple things come up with our 16 month old that took my full attention over the last few months. Thanks for all the help!!
  15. I will take some pics tonight, and get them added in the morning.
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