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  1. If it makes you guys feel any better, I just got back from a vacation trip where I rented a brand new Toyota Camry with only 7000 miles on it. The transmission was exactly the same. Cruising was fine, give it a little gas to accelerate and not much happened. Keep gradually pushing the throttle down and suddenly it jumps like 2 or 3 gears and takes off with the motor screaming. It was also very quick to upshift unless you had your foot really in the throttle. Other than this it was a really nice car to drive, but that took some getting used to.
  2. Has anyone with the diesel experienced any transmission issues at all? I'm shopping the diesel, and I came across numerous complains about the transmission they used in the v6 (same as the diesel?). For example http://www.carcomplaints.com/Chevrolet/Colorado/2015/ http://www.carcomplaints.com/Chevrolet/Colorado/2016/ Mostly complains about it getting stuck in 5th or 6th gear and not downshifting as needed. Has anyone with the diesel experienced any transmission issues at all?
  3. Your translation software didn't work well, it is not possible to understand your question. Can you try again with translate.google.com? Din översättningsprogram fungerar inte bra, det är inte möjligt att förstå din fråga. Kan du försöka igen med translate.google.com?
  4. Did your truck's have this problem right from the start, or did it develop as you put more miles on it?
  5. Please correct me if I'm wrong (I didn't research it much), but I THINK there is a $500 Bose "speaker upgrade only" audio package, and a package that includes an amp that costs more. I might have to go listen to a truck with a Bose system and see if it sounds $500 better. ;) And yes for $40k even the base system should be pretty sweet. How are you liking the truck otherwise?
  6. I test drove the diesel yesterday and played with the radio a little. It was the basic audio system, no upgrades, but I had the same experience you did. It was "OK", but not at all impressive, and with very center focused sound. No staging at all. Please post back if you find any way to improve it. Does your truck have the $500 Bose upgraded speakers, or the base audio system?
  7. You could be right, but I don't want leather or power seats, even if they were free. ;) Also I found out that power mirrors are part of the LT package, so the truck I linked above will have power mirrors. The $2k option for mirrors is for chromed heated mirrors, which I don't need down here in FL.
  8. Thanks for the additional info. My frame is actually fine, almost zero rust. I'm down in S. Florida, so the only salt my frame sees is at the boat launch. ;) The goal is a truck that will haul my stuff around without ever leaving me stranded. My Tacoma has been flawless in this regard for the past 17 tears, and still runs perfect, but now I need modern safety features and 4-doors for my family. Being able to tow a trailer on the highway without having to keep the motor over 3000rpm would be gravy. I test drove the Colorado diesel again yesterday and it's a really nice package. The biggest negative is the big fat hood blocking your view in tight quarters, but this seems to be "in fashion" now. But it drives really nice, and they did a super job making the diesel motor civil. My biggest fear is the reliability. both because it's a Chevy and because it's a new model. Perhaps more because it's a first year model. In all my research, it seems that if off-road is your goal the the Tacoma is the best choice. But if towing or seating position is tops on your list then the Chevy/GMC is the better choice. I'm stuck square in the middle because I tow a lot, and I end up off-road a lot, often while towing. My 4x4 Tacoma has launched my boat in places where a 2wd couldn't go, even without the trailer. If only the Tacoma came with a diesel, that would be ideal. Until then, it might be time to try out a Chevy and cross my fingers.
  9. Do the Diesel trucks include power mirrors? I've built what I want (link below) and to explicitly add power mirrors requires like a $2k package that I don't want, I only want the power mirrors, and curious if it comes with them. Here's what I built: http://www.chevrolet.com/colorado-small-truck/build-your-own.html#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[email protected]
  10. What specifically did you like better about the Canyon than the Tacoma? I've been driving the same Tacoma 4x4 for 17 years, it has been a stellar truck and still runs great, but it's time for something new and I'm shopping the diesel Colorado as a replacement.
  11. Is there a neutral 3rd party dealer you can take it to for internal inspection? They can check out the cams and stick a bore scope into the spark plug holes. If there is no damage there then the last big thing to check would be the big end rod bearings. I'm not sure how much labor all that would be, but it might be worth $1k in labor to get it settled so you can sleep at night. If it's damaged then show the pictures to the original dealer and give them a chance to replace anything damaged, or buy the truck back. If they won't then take the pictures to a lawyer.
  12. Sounds like you got a good mechanic who looks for details, keep that guy in your speed dial for the future!
  13. Did I understand correctly that they had the throttle wide open for a good portion of the uphill? It's interesting to see in a test like this, but would any of you really hold your own truck wide open for minutes at a time? Is this something that is commonly done with diesels in the mountains? I live down in the land of the flat (Florida) and haven't ever towed in the mountains, but the thought of holing my truck wide open for extended periods gives me the willies, lol..
  14. As someone who is currently shopping and comparing the Colorado against the Tacoma, this information could be extremely useful. Is there a way to compare across brands/models?
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