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  1. Where is the anti-lock braking module located, I need to check the ground or electrical connections, when I go over a big enough bump or accelerate hard my Check Brakes Warning lights come on in the dash. When I hook up the meter for fault codes I am getting nothing.
  2. My warnings lights for the - ABS & Brakes comes on intermittently, during driving and stays on. If I power off and back on they fault lights clear. Some days no lights and others I will get the light. Seems to more likely to come on during rough road driving but thats not always the case. Very Rarely comes on right away but that is starting to become more frequent. I checked the computer via DTC connector and "No" Fault Codes are logged in the computer. I checked the for codes while the lights were on and nothing is logged. Not sure if Dealer can diagnose a problem with no fault codes??? 2001 Silverdao 1500 5.3L V-8 Extended Cab
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