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  1. As interesting as the concept is. And I am a fan of the exterior look. Ford lost my vote when they chose to not offer a V8 engine as an option choice.
  2. I will never buy a pickup with a 6 cylinder engine. They could bolt 20 turbos to it for all I care. My Dad was an amateur drag racer when I was a child. The sound of a V8 screaming at full throttle is music to my ears. I am not your typical lady.
  3. Stress vs income

    A job is such a large part of our lives, we should be in one we enjoy. I have had terrible jobs, disgusting jobs, stressful jobs to. Then I got my current position as a Personal Assistant to a business man. This is the best job I could ever imagine having. Who knew a job this awesome even existed. My employer is the most wonderful boss. The job is fun. The pay is great. The job perks are incredible. So glad I quit those other jobs and landed my dream job!
  4. What did you drive in High School?

    To school I rode the city transit bus. My first vehicle was a used 1994 Pontiac Grand Am I purchased in 2005. Sold it 1 year later for $325 with a blown head gasket.
  5. I am wanting a nicely optioned truck so that doesn't apply to my situation. My current position is deciding on which to get. Leaning towards the GMC, but the Dodge is also a possibility. Never will I have another toyota, this heap of junk I have now has turned me off the brand. The f150 sadly only offers the 5.0 V8, and i wish they still offered their 6.2 in their trucks.
  6. highway thru hell

    I drive the Hwy in question many times per year. The storms come in fast and hard. Good winter tires and slowing down are all that are required to make it safely though. I have been over it in so many storms, not once did I come even close to ditching the vehicle I was driving though. Kamloops is where I live, and is the north end point for that Hwy.
  7. Hi. Slightly off topic, but how is the 6.2 reliability. Looking at replacing my Tundra soon. Been considering a Sierra 1500 Denali as one of the choices. Daily driver to run errands, but throw the quad in the box occasionally, and towing the boat frequently. If i do go with a new GMC would like the 6.2 gas.

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