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  1. Will do. I am optimistic he can work things out. But it's a pretty slow turnaround. Frustrating.
  2. I did. So far I am underwhelmed. Shifting marginally better but seemed to lose 2mpg. I made a new data log and sent in. Hoping Justin can tweak it for the better. If not I will go back to stock for the mpg gain.
  3. Sent in my files to Blackbear on Thursday. Hopefully get my tune in coming week. I will let you know.
  4. 2019 Silverado 2500 6.0 CC. In process of getting Blackbear tune. Yesterday for fun I decided to drive in tow haul mode with empty truck. Worked great for zipping around the hilly backroads of Maine. I realize it eats more fuel and that 6th gear is kind of lost, but seems like a good option for someone that is worried about warranty tune issues. Am I missing something? Hurting tranny? Still going to follow through with Blackbear, just curious. BTW, thanks to the forum for helping me to decide on Blackbear.
  5. Just started using chemical guys leather conditioner. No residue or shine. Smell is strong but I don't mind. Two dogs stink up truck fast. That said, can anyone answer whether or not the silverado leather is actually leather. Seems like vinyl to me.
  6. Thank you. Torsion bars already adjusted to about an inch. That is why I am replacing with 0-1.5" bilstein 5100s. I assume those will negate the need for spacers. Thanks again. Bob
  7. Hi. Planning on installing a set of Bilstein 5100's on truck. I'm pretty handy. Looks pretty straight forward. Looks like I don't even have to jack truck up. Any tips or tricks greatly appreciated. I have searched but haven't found much in regard to the newer generation hd's. Thanks. Bob
  8. Thanks. American racing Mohave II. 17x8 00 offset. Tires are 285/70r17. American racing doesn't make them anymore. But can be had through summit or ebay. 130 apiece. As far as I can tell they are the only non faux beadlick... Etc wheels for these trucks.
  9. Thanks everyone. Having tortion bars adjusted and getting alignment on Monday. I also realized drivers side about inch lower than passenger. Drivers side is side rubbing.
  10. So, I recently traded in my 2016 double cab duramax for a 2019 crew cab gasser. Today I took off my winter tires and put on my summer wheel tire setup. These are the same wheels and tires I had on my 2016. They are rubbing. Was baffled why they would not rub on one truck but do on the other. Never touched torsion bars on either. Looked at photos of old truck and noticed that it sat an inch or so higher in front. Also the wheels seemed to be set back from front of wheel well about half an inch. Hoping that I can adjust torsion bars on new truck to get it to sit like the duramax did. Any thoughts? Thanks. Bob
  11. Summer wheel tire combo. Very slight rubbing on wheel well liner. Strange because I had these exact same wheels and tires on my 2016. Any suggestion for best way to adjust front part of front liners? I've seen posts referencing zip tying. Wondering if they have any pics. Thanks. Bob
  12. Thanks. I may just use the plank attachment type until I need something more. Those black widows look great for future reference. Bob
  13. I am in search of a good set of loading ramps for the truck. Right now largest item to be loaded is a full size snow blower. Mostly used for large rolling generator. But you never know what future holds. Might as well get something that can handle larger items. Folding preffered. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks. Bob
  14. +1 for mountains 2 metal. Easy solid bolt on install. Just don't do it in 10 degree weather like me. Lots of dropped bolts and expletives.
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