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  1. I tried balancing my goodyear tires and unplugging ANC and disable AFM nothing of this was work to eliminate my big issue PRESSURE inside the vehicle. My last solution is to replace the tires but in my county we didn't have premier LTX just Michelin Latitude HR. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. This is good news I just read that you solved the buffeting by replacing tires so is that eliminate cabin pressure also ? and what the size of them ? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. Ask them to switch all tires with that truck with no vibration and test drive. Almost its the tires and some time wheels even if it new.
  4. It is a connector plugged into OBD to disable afm. http://www.rangetechnology.com/
  5. If disabling active fuel management eliminated buffeting , i suggest you to use range technology it's work better than M5.
  6. What is that mean body mounts and could we do it to our 2016's ?
  7. Did you suffer pressure in your ears before ? I really can't understand how the exhaust and muffler related to this issue !! In my case i feel excessive pressure effects my ears and sinuses and harmonic noise in my head especially in low speed. Last week i drive for 2 hours over 110 m/s and noticed that no more pressure in that's speed. The buffeting in my tahoe is hardly to hear it between 60 to 70.
  8. Do you know what exactly cause that feeling of sick ? Is it tires balancing issue or maybe pressure inside cabin because of buffting .. anc ?
  9. it is hard to explain but every time i get a ride in my Tahoe i feel sick dizzy and queasy. pressure in my ears and kind of something tight my head's back. anyone know what cause that feel ?
  10. The pic up there for My 2016 tahoe ltz. Passenger side fuse box didn't find fuse #48. أرسلت من SM-N920C بإستخدام تاباتلك
  11. I can't recognized Which one for amp there is difference between my fuse box and the instruction form And this is mine أرسلت من SM-N920C بإستخدام تاباتلك
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