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  1. I’ll go with door #1...but “misinformed” is a stretch. Of course the algorithm that calculates the MPG has a plus/minus tolerance, but it’s probably in the range of 2-4%. Your 16-17.5 is consistent with my mileage in the suburbs. A limited 24MPG is not uncommon in good conditions at highway speeds.
  2. Trip from SC to northern OH. 2016 Sierra 6.2 8 speed, MAX tow pkg, 3.42 gear. Consistently hit 24 MPG highway once out of the Smokies. Last 400 miles heading home and through the Smokies...21.8 MPG. Of course when I pull 6500lb TT, it’s 10-12 MPG. I got no complaints.
  3. My lifter story, its a pretty good one. 2016 GMC Sierra 6.2L Max tow pkg. Going cross country pulling 7000lb TT from South Carolina. Coming out of a campground in Iowa on a Thursday, lost power, went into limp mode at 3689 miles. Dealer/Tow 30 miles away. Got back to camp. GMC roadside assistance coordinated service at Billion GMC, Sioux City. Found #6 intake lifter failed, damaged push rod and various reassembly parts including replace rr bank 2 afm lifters. That was Thursday afternoon. Tech Support at GM knew the problem, had parts in the pipeline...parts shipped overnight. Friday late afternoon...repairs completed and she is good to go!!! Really? Now I'm wondering about pulling the TT and the risk of another break down. So what does an old guy do...what the hell, I'm going for it! Once I got through the Rockies, I was feeling pretty good. Finished the the 7000+ mile trip 7 weeks later without any more problems. She was a beast in the mountains, up and down. These guys jumped through hoops the get me back on the road for our long planned for trip. GMC even offered another truck to go on if my truck had a long repair issue. I have a VVet license plate and being in Iowa, there may have some motivation. She's 3 years old now and under 30,000 miles, and no issues. GMC and Billion service techs really stepped up. Thanks gents.
  4. I read about how Ferrari techs routinely ran the engines to red line and held for some time. They stand by this practice of “the Italian tune-up”.
  5. 2016 GMC SLT 6.2 with max tow pkg. towing a 7000lb TT from SC to Washington State and back. In Iowa at 3700 miles on the truck, she hemorrhages on the Hwy. She went into limp mode and I was able to get the 8 miles back to the campground. Dealer 30 miles away picked it up...found a failed lifter. GM had a history on this issue and had replacement parts in the pipeline and shipped the next day. GM initially offered to put me in another truck to continue the journey west. As it was, they completed the repairs the next day, and we were on our way. Finished the 7300 mile trip 7 weeks later towing and no additional problems. Probably a bad production lot of lifters. I was in automotive mfg’ing at Honda & BMW, and given the hard reality that a small % of products can fail, you bank on warranty and goodwill by the dealer and Mfg’er. What’s important is that they fix it correctly and help you on your way.
  6. Worked at Honda of America and BMW South Carolina and visited their plants in Japan and Germany. There are hand working processes and tools to adjust for fit and finish. It’s only a matter of building those efforts into the process when identified. Repetitive issues need to then be driven back to the source of the problem, such as the design or tooling process. With Production rates of 100’s or even thousands daily something can get by at any Mfg’er. My 2016 Sierra Texas Edition did not have this type issue. Your dealer body shop guys should be able to adjust under warranty unless the frame is out of wack...then it’s a GM issue.
  7. Forgot to add...when I got the jump...Display came on with a digital wheel turning and the term “CAL”, which I took to mean calibrating. A msg popped up and said to lower the window and close window. I did and the wheel and CAL disappeared. I assumed it meant the calibration was complete.
  8. Was in Florida on vacation a few weeks ago. My 25000 mile 2016 Sierra was dead the morning I was to head home. No lights or anything. Got a jump, went and had battery checked...was ok with a reading of 13.6. 7 hour drive home with stops. Everything was fine. I now have a battery powered jumper...just in case. We pull a TT from time to time so it makes sense to have the jumper. I’ll see what she does and check in with dealer service if it happens again.
  9. Battery is original, spring 2016. Well maintained. Sierra has 25000 miles. Should not be a issue with the battery.
  10. Spent a few days near Daytona. Gave my Grandson a ride along in a NASCAR at the Speedway...great time. Lots of driving around the area over the weekend. Monday morning ready to head back home in South Carolina...battery completely dead. No lights on dash no clicking started...nothing. Nothing left on overnight, as I always check. Got a jump and confirmed nothing was running on the battery. Noticed on the gauge display a wheel turning next to the term "CAL" which I assume meant calibrating; a message said to roll down window and roll back up. Did that and the calibration was complete. I went to a local service center to check battery. I did keep truck running waiting for service bay to open. Was ready to buy a new battery. Battery check at 13.3 vs normal 12.5? Drove home no problem, drove all this week no problem. Anyone have such an experience with battery?
  11. I've had my Bak Alum Roll up cover since 2016. Its fits nicely and looks great. Rolled up, it doesn't block my rear window. Is locked in place when the tail gate is locked.
  12. 2016 SLT Texas Edition with Max Tow Pkg...6.2 & 8 speed
  13. I lived in Texas for the last 10 years before retirement. At retirement in 2012, we relocated to South Carolina. in 2015 started looking for my first pick up. Looked high and low for 6.2 with MAX tow pkg for towing and some bells and whistles. Finally, April 2016, found one on the internet 90 miles away. Bought it straight away...it was the Texas Edition and proudly labeled on the front door panels. Given our great time spent in Texas, I guess it was meant to be! I still would like a nicely designed 6.2L badge on the tail.
  14. Great looking Sierra. My preference when I was looking last year was the bright silver, 6.2 with max tow pkg. Black was second choice. Finding this on a dealer lot made the decision easy. Took it cross country last year. The truck and I are now one!!!
  15. My 16 Texas Edition SLT with max tow pkg, 6.2l. Found it at a dealer 90 miles from home. Found it on a Saturday nite on the internet, sent email and went and got it on Monday. Love it.
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