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  1. I have a 05 Chevy 1500 and I noticed walking towards the truck today a small little puddle underneath the front driver side, it looks like the axle seal is leaking right behind the cv shaft. I also grabbed the cv shaft and I noticed that I can wobble it back and forth, is that a issue? And is there a easy way to replace this seal, I've never done this before, so anything in detail would be great!
  2. Hi guys, I was having a issue with front brakes dragging, so I replaced the front calipers and pads, now I'm noticing that when I stop at a light and hit the gas the truck kind of jerks, it just does it when I leave from a stop. If I let the truck start to roll forward then hit the gas it seems most of the time it won't jerk, but if I let off the brake and instantly hit the gas it will jerk. Maybe the brakes are still sticking a little? Or is this a known issue?
  3. Okay, thanks guys! Would changing the Pitmam arm be something easy to do also? Or should I just have the alignment shop change that? They said for a extra 100 dollars they would change the pitman arm
  4. I have a buddy that has a ball joint press he said I could use, and he would come help if I waited until later this week to do the job. But another question is, if I do decide to replace the whole upper control arm, will that knock my alignment all out of whack? I need to be able to drive the truck roughly 25 miles to get to the nearest alignment shop.
  5. I'm getting ready to replace my upper and lower ball joints, I was wondering if it would be any easier to just replace the upper control arms and ball joint assembly, compared to just pressing out the uppers?
  6. No, it doesn't change with rpms, but I did notice that the sound only really starts to show around 60 mph, anything lower and I don't hear it. And I had my girlfriend drive the truck today, and I couldn't hear a thing from the passenger side.
  7. Hi guys, I just bought a 2005 Chevy Silverado 1500 4x4, and it has a weird noise coming from the front end, it's almost like a humming noise. It's hard to describe the noise, it's like loud mud tires, Kinda like wa wa wa I guess lol. But I don't think it's wheel bearings because the noise does not change or stop going around curves or anything. I've driven the truck a little over 500 miles and the noise hasn't changed at all. It has new cooper discoverer H/T tires on the front, maybe it's tire noise, or maybe brake noise?
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