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  1. I tried factory reset option and it didn't work, and the dealer is not helpful, they say the car isn't equipped with it, but i can answer phone calls and talk !! Sent from my SM-N920C using Tapatalk
  2. thanks everyone for the answers, the truck runs fine, there's minor issue in A/C & Infotainment screen, gonna take it back to the dealer later, i checked all the fluids in it and all ok. i enjoy driving it, it's so much quieter than previous gen.
  3. hey everyone, i bought brand new 2014 Silverado for my father, crew cab short bed. the dealer said that he'll change the engine oil before i pick it up, but i wonder what about the transmission and axles, do i need to change the oil for them or not? also i read about the problem of the AFM in GM's V8, did it get solved or i should have it disabled? thank you

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