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  1. I rubbed at full lock on the inner wheel liner. Zip tied them back and no issues at all now. I just have the 2.5" front level with no rear block. Still about 0.5" of rake but its not noticeable. No issues other than the wheel liner rub mentioned above with the stock wheels. Its pretty common once you go to 34s with a level. It's my first set of Nittos and only 1500 miles on them so far. I love the way they ride, performance in the rain, and quietness with such aggressive looking tires. I had TOYO AT2s on my 2014 and they are just as quiet. Curious to see how they do on mileage.
  2. 2018 GMC Sierra SLT / 2.5" Top Gun Leveling Kit / 275/65-20 Nitto Ridge Grapplers

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