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  1. So now I’m at a dead stop my front measurement is 25.625 at full draw. I’ve contacted filthy mother sports and they told me I can have shocks made but they would sit 1 to 2in lower in front. For best performance. But I don’t want to lower the front at all it sits dead level right now. I was thinking maby the Fox shocks that run on the bds kits instead. But the shock length sits at 24.15. If anyone has any info on this that would be great I have decided I want coil overs and I plan on keeping the truck for at least three more years.
  2. Had anyone felt with filthy motor sports? I seen there videos on YouTube and they seem legit.
  3. I am deaf leaning more tards coil overs more for were I live at. I just change that shock out 2 years ago when I bought the truck I also had to rebuild the front diff and tranny. Not long after. I don’t mind dumping money into it for better quality and longer life. I wonder if it went out do to the wash board dirt roads I have to drive down. Are the hop I have from the tires.
  4. wife might hate me for a while so might have to see who offers me the best price over all.
  5. That set up looks sweet. I’ve heard about coil overs having the best ride quality so I’ll probly go with those. My back pocket might hurts for a little while after wards.
  6. I was trying not to ask this question being there so much on this topic. But I can’t seem to find what I’m looking for. I have a 2014 gmc z71 with a 6in procomp spacer lift kit. One of my front shocks is starting to go bad. Since I have to change them I was thinking on just upgrading to better shocks. I was thinking on king are fox shocks but do not want to change the height. I am also not sure if I should run a full length coil over are a oem sized one since I am currently running with a spacer. I am not a heavy off roader. Mostly to and from the camp down some dirt roads that’s about it. Wish had the time for more. I don’t want to get any worse ride quality either the wife would hate me.
  7. Lol yeah you right about there paint. I'm thinking on putting 3m pro film on the bottom around the fenders of the truck then put cquarts over the rest of the truck to make it easer to clean.
  8. The trucks taller then it looks . But there are chips all down the side. I do plan on fixing them just don't wana fix them just to see them agin the next day.
  9. Ima look into the clear bra. Thank you. I already have the mirror caps they came with the truck. Idk how hard it will be to install the bra now that it has the fender flare and lift.
  10. what's the best ceramic coatings for on and off-road use? I've been looking at adding a coating to my newly bought 2014 gmc. I live on a 2 mile gravel / dirt road when it rains. it gets hard keeping it clean and or perfected from rock chips and scratches. Have been doing some research and I can't seem to find what would work best for what I want to use it for. Any thoughts on what would work best for me are someone else who may have similar problems would be great thanx.
  11. What do you guys think about procomp are fabtech. Ik the car dealers around here use those two company's but I never got a chance to drive one of those lifted trucks.
  12. That came out looking sweet! Awsome job on the truck. I love BDS lift kits because they use fox shocks. (Fox shocks are just awsome.) But I think there prices are crazy high for so little. But that's just me. Now I'm not turning them down i will have to do some research to see if we have a dealer in the area for them Ik we don't have much around here.
  13. I never thought about the leaf springs thank you Ima have to look into that.
  14. I thought about McGaughy lift kit but it is just to high for me. My passengers don't like to climb lol.
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