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  1. I feel that the Sabre's have a great chance to win this year. My favorite team is the Thrashers though and they didn't make the playoffs. All four teams left have a decent chance, but I think the cup will come down to Anaheim and Buffalo.
  2. I love it!! Work is much easier when there is no snow. Looks like freezing rain this morning though.
  3. Welcome to the site kasmiraus, as you are relatively new here. What part of MN are you from?
  4. I, myself am hoping for another warm winter. At least till December. My job is very weather related. With this real hot and rainy summer, I could use a few months to catch up on jobs. The temp has been very nice lately though. Welcome to the forum everyone.
  5. I wanna see how many fellow Minnesotans we have on here. I don't recall seeing very many, but hopefully there are some. I'm sure there are plenty of issues to talk about, being MN always has alot of things going on.
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