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  1. Hello all, I was hoping someone could guide me to the correct part number for the Fox 2.0 non-reservoir rear shocks. I'm looking to replace the McGaughys shocks on a 2014 Silverado with the 9" McGaughys plus add a leaf. The ride quality is ok, but I've read the fox shocks are a significant upgrade. I would appreciate any help and recommendations that you may have. Thank you,
  2. Mysterious Clunk

    This may not be the same issue y'all are having, but it's worth a shot. I had a popping noise from the front end..at full turn. It was caused by the sway bar bushings. They had dirt and debri in them. Simply cleaned them and the pop was gone. I also had a clunk coming from the rear. I was expecting the worse, but it turned out to be the leaf springs making noise only when turning. Spring clamps will fix that issue, but I decided to go with the bicycle tube idea..someone mentioned on this form. These are two easy/cheap solutions for annoying noises. I hope this helps.

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