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  1. Got in truck after work started fine pulled it into drive and pulled out wouldn’t shift and the gauges were not working. Pulled over and re-started it and waited a second and the garages started working and pulled out and it shifted but didn’t shift right. Kept driving and when it warmed up it shifted fine all the way home. But when I turned it off the gauges didn’t go to the left instead they went to the right. Any ideas???
  2. Sound Like Nc! I wish i had bought Hookers! But these are my 1st and last set of BBK's i still havent heard a peep from them gonna call them back i think! lol
  3. Buyer beware i purchased a set of these for my 98 k1500 5.7. Looked great coming out of the box but when i went to install them none of the holes lined up. I ended up making all the holes bigger just to get the bolts to line up. Also the Egr tube going in to the header was threaded backwards. I called BBK and was told they would check on my problems and call me back asap. Almost a week gone and not heard back from them yet. Avoid them at all cost!!
  4. Ok thanks. Should I just replace the whole thing with a billet one? If so any ideas on one?
  5. Great I will check them out. Thanks for the info
  6. Gonna replace my cap and was thinking about trying the accel. Anyone used one?
  7. This is the rebuilt one. I took the old one out because it was doing the exact same thing,put the new one in and still have the problem
  8. My 98 Sierra 4l60e shifts fine in 1st to 2nd but when it goes to shift to 3rd it idles way up and will not shift but the idle remains high till I put it in park. Then it's fine. Even if I put it in neutral while it's idled up it will not quit so I thought time for a rebuild. So I bought a rebuilt one and put it in and having the exact same problem. Any ideas???
  9. I'm gonna order a tranny and was looking at mad dog,goodfellas,Danny's trannys,monster,and performabuilt. Any suggestions?
  10. Anyone tried one of these? Figured might as well replace this while I'm doing the spider. What type of pumps do you guys run
  11. I replaced the egr valve and the canister. Now the check engine light comes on for a few days and then goes off for a few. Also still surging between 12 and 1800 rpms Any ideas about either problem? These were the codes I got before I changed the parts
  12. I bought the gasket kit from fel-pro gonna change all of them in the kit
  13. Thanks, hadn't thought of that . Will check tomorrow
  14. Hi I'm new so sorry if this has been answered, I'm getting a antifreeze smell in the cab of my truck. Nothing leaking in cab. No easy seeing leaks under hood. Any ideas? Also surging at between 15-1800 rpms stops after it gets around 2000 rpms. I've replaced all the sensors that I knew of egr,map,Iacv. Any advice???

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