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  1. Well I got lucky and the seller found a set of factory mirrors and all of the OE harnesses that he had purchased to do the install and never got around to it. I ended up getting a good price on everything and will soon be doing the install. Once done I’ll have a set of DL3 mirrors and the factory door harnesses for sale.
  2. knegangard, I have an aftermarket set picked out but I am definitely interested in yours since I have not made a purchase. I was going to shoot you a DM but it will not let me do so, but let me know what you would want and your location and/or shipping.
  3. Thanks for the info guys. Once I make my mirror choice, I will be in touch. I'll also update with photos here.
  4. I purchased a Sierra hd Denali that came factory with standard mirrors and I want to convert to tow mirrors. With all of the factory power fold, power adjust and puddle lights already being there, is there an aftermarket option that is ready to go? What mirrors are must having luck with? I will also be upgrading the factory nav to CarPlay but first things first.
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